How to take advantage of Instagram carousel?

Instagram Carousel feature allows us to combine up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. Carousel Posts are a fabulous way of telling a visual story. It allows us to share more than one photo or image without filling the whole feed of your followers. If done right, Instagram Carousel Posts bring in a lot of advantages. If you use caousel properly you can gain more followers and likes but it can be a time-consuming process. That’s why you go to to buy Instagram followers and likes cheap with great ease. Here are some tips to use Carousel Posts in a creative way.

1. Launch a product

Carousel post is a great way of launching a product. People want to see the product from all angles, so you can post multiple images of the products from different angles, so people get a feel for your product. Share different colour designs of the same product so people can decide which one they like the most. If you are launching multiple products, you can have photos of different products in all the photos.

2. Display catalogs of products

Instagram Carousel is a much better way of showing a set of products that your brand sells. The products could be related to each other or not. You can share a Carousel post whenever you have the latest set of products or services to share with your customers. You can create carousel posts based on different things like top-rated products, most bought products, etc.

3. Show Customer Ratings and Reviews

This is also a great way of using the carousel post. If you decide to do this, select 10 of the best reviews which you have received on any platform and showcase them on a single carousel post. Try to include reviews that have a personal story relating to your product. This will create a bond between users watching and your brand and will build brand trust.

4. Share a step-by-step process

Instagram Carousel posts are perfect for tutorial posts. If you are going to use it, make sure that the quality of the photos is great. People need to see the photos in detail so that they can follow along with the steps that you are sharing. Share all the major intermediate steps that the users can match with to know if they are doing it right.

5. Encourage followers to take some action

When you post the same product with color changes and style changes in the carousel post, you can ask your followers to say which one they like the most. You could also ask them to tag people which might like a specific design of the product. This will get you more comments on your post and increase engagement.

6. Share photos from a recent event

It happens so many times that a single picture cannot tell the whole story behind an event. Carousel posts can be used in this condition to share multiple different photos of the event showing all the different parts of the event. You can include multiple pictures so that almost everyone present in the event gets a picture on the post so that no one feels left behind.

7. Use it to share creative posts

If you simply create posts that use the carousel feature to show photos in a creative way, your profile will stand out among the rest. Create a unique aesthetic to your profile by using the style of the carousel post you like. There are many ways to post a creative carousel post. You can break and share a single photo in multiple pieces, or you can capture important moments from a video and share them as a carousel post.

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