Emoji 101: The History And Meaning Of The Fire Emoji

Emoji is today’s new way of communicating. These adorable digital icons of emotions and symbols can tell you a thing or two. A single emoji could mean a thousand words or phrases or expressions. Putting an emoji on your messages could make it livelier to read, or it can express so many emotions with it. That is why young people are so hooked with it since it became popular in the early year of 2015.

Many of these emojis are frequently used, such as the smileys, the laughing-out-loud emoji, the heart, and many more. One of them is the fire emoji.The fire itself has many usages in our daily lives, like in cooking or warming ourselves and everything that comes with warming or heating. In the digital world, fire became emoji, and this fire emoji also has many usages and can relay different messages or can give different meanings.

The History of Emoji

Emoji is invented by a Japanese artist named Shigetaka Kurita in the year 1999. He worked on a mobile phone development company in Japan. At first, he wanted to make a winning symbol or design that can also deliver certain information. His first target was to create a symbol for weather forecasting. This idea of Kurita was applauded by many and quickly got famous in Japan around the early 2000s.

After the success, he was now inspired by the emoticons, the first emoji-like symbols. He innovated the idea, and then the emoji was born. After a couple of years, he released the first batch of emoji. In the mid-2000s, the emoji gained its popularity outside Japan. This popularity is the main reason why a group of people from Google decided to file a petition to make the emoji be recognized by the UNICODE, and the appeal was accepted in 2010.

The Fire Emoji

The fire emoji was one of the emoji released in the first batch. It is also one of the most frequently used emojis of all time, along with the smileys and laughing-out-loud emoji. The fire emoji became popular as time goes by along with the phrases or terms made by the

young Millenials. Before the fire emoji was simply depicting fire and nothing else, but now, the fire emoji can be used in many funny and witty ways.

Since it’s release, the fire emoji is rampant and popular among teens. The meaning of this emoji is continually evolving in time. This made the emoji became versatile and also made it a humorous way of communicating.

Meaning or Its Usage

“You are LIT AF” or “It is LIT” is one of the slang phrases the fire emoji can deliver. These phrases mean you are excellent or beautiful. It is usually used when a youngster appreciates someone or something. This phrase “Lit” comes along with the fire emoji, and sometimes the fire emoji is only used.

“You just got burned” or “Burn.” This slang phrase means you are retaliated in a correct yet mean or sarcastic manner. It is usually used when someone is correcting some ideas that are believed wrong, and the phrase “Burn” is the answer to it. For example, someone is insulting someone in the digital world, and then the offended persons answered back with a more insulting response, and by that, the “burn” phrase is used along with the fire emoji.

The fire emoji can also depict the straight meaning of campfire or something hot, depending on the context. This fire emoji can also be used with something that is considered strong emotion, such as love, fear, fierceness, hatred, energy, or anything that is a strong emotion. Also, fire emoji can be used in failure or shame; even in a sexual manner, fire emoji is still or can be used.


This emoji guide is made for you to make it somehow easier to understand or cope up with the fast-evolving, new way of communicating. This emoji is one of the latest and amazing means of communication among the younger generations. The meaning of these digital icons can sometimes be confusing, and by doing this guide, we hope this could help you in the most possible way.


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