Five Ways To Make Email Printing Safe For The Environment

Many factors are responsible for the degradation of the environment but businesses are playing the lead role. In Britain, all the businesses contribute to 31% of the overall carbon emission.

This is one of the main reasons why modern businesses are using different ways to reduce their environmental footprint. There are different ways to reduce your carbon footprint, like reducing electric bills and using recycled water. But you should know that you can reduce the carbon footprint of your business, even making personalized email printing eco-friendly. Let’s discuss how it can be done.

Go for recycled products

One of the best ways to reduce the bad effect on the environment is to use recycled products and the same goes for email printing as well. Papers are surely the base of email printing and this is why you should choose only those types of papers that have been made from recycled materials. Recycled papers will surely be a bit costly from the regular papers but you will have to think from an environmental point of view while buying these papers. The same recycling approach can be used while selecting printer cartridge as well.

Print only what you need

It is true that papers are very cheap and printing a single sheet of email doesn’t require that much of ink as well but it doesn’t mean that you should start printing unnecessarily. Many employees waste paper and ink by printing emails that are not required. This can be avoided if the selection of what needs to be printed can be made carefully. You can organize a special session for your employees and train them about using email printing precisely. But you will have to make them feel that you are not doing it to cut down the cost of printing but for saving the environment.

Reduce size

When you are going for email printing, then it doesn’t need to be printed in the standard size in all the cases. Most of the people don’t pay much attention to the extra space left in email printing, and they just choose the default size that they get. Well, this results in more consumption of paper and thus, your environmental footprint increases. You should always ask your employees to shrunk the size of the email they want to print if it can be done without compromising on the process. This will help you in saving paper.

Maintain balance

If you are able to maintain the right balance between print and digital emails, then you will be able to facilitate green email printing in your organization. As a business owner, you must know you don’t need to print all the emails. Train your employees to decide wisely between print and digital email and choose the best one according to the need instead of always going with personalized email printing.

Reduce power consumption

Selecting to turn off the office electronics when they are not in use is a no-brainer. From lighting to coffee machines, everything needs to be turned off when they are not in use and the same goes for printers as well. If you are not using your printer, then it is a better idea to keep it turned off. Printers are not like train engines that will consume a lot of energy if turned off. Encourage your employees to do the same so that you can reduce your electricity bill and minimize your carbon footprint as well.

Email printing is something that you can’t ignore in your organization but you can surely use a more environmentally safe approach. Apply all the five ways of reducing your environmental footprint in email printing and let nature stay safe.


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