Atinirmal Pagarani Aims to Expand Yogi Group’s Global Footprint While Keeping Roots Intact in Dubai

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Known for its strong economy, accessibility, and cultural interaction, Dubai has witnessed the rise of some of the most powerful billionaires of the world. Having become home for some of the wealthiest Indian entrepreneurs, it is no surprise that Dubai has some of the most affluent non-resident Indians. One such Indian-born business tycoon who has taken the Middle East market by storm is the Chairman and Managing Director of Yogi Group, Atinirmal Ghansham Pagarani, fondly called as Ati.

Born in June 1983, Pagarani is an Indian national who is spearheading the affairs of the Yogi Group in its various vertical zones, namely, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, and Africa. A member of Yogi GRC, Yogi Group, is well known in the Middle East Market for its contributions to the construction and property industry. At such a young age, Pagarani has won the title of being a veteran business tycoon and an acclaimed personality in UAE, thanks to his far-sighted vision and global leadership skills.

Backed with BSC in 2004 in Business Administration from Cardiff University and MSC in 2005 in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University, Pagarani’s prowess in being a property and facility manager stands unmatched. With a dedicated Instagram following of more than 20K followers (@ATINIRMAL.G.PAGARANI), he showcases his daily life happenings and business management tips online regularly.

While the Yogi Group was formed over four decades ago and started as a property management firm by his father, today’s vision is to diversify rapidly, both in terms of backward and lateral strategies. The group has expanded into construction, trading of building materials, facilities management, GRC/GRP works, manufacturing, sale and rental of scaffolding, labor supply, sale and lease of power generation units, and more. Not just this, the group has even forayed into the fashion space with Vesimi – a multi-designer fashion store in Dubai. It also has a sales office in Mumbai that offers a customized shopping experience for Indian customers.

“While success is often measured in numbers and customer satisfaction, but for us, its core lies in the people of my Yogi Group. They are the main lifeblood of any organization, and hence, an equally critical measure for our success lies in workforce satisfaction,” states Pagarani.

With the immense growth seen in the UAE and India, Yogi Group has emerged as the market leader in the business segments in these countries. With its eyes focused on global expansion, the company wants to leave an indelible mark of growth in business in Africa, Kazakhstan, and Australia, as well as other Middle Eastern countries.

Indeed, it’s always about loving what you do and doing what you love – a mantra Pagarani swears by!

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