Photo Books Make Great Personalized Holiday Gifts

What do you give someone who either has or could get, everything, especially when it’s only a click away online? Give them something you know for sure they don’t have. Give them something personal you made just for them. Rather than just put a photo in a frame, you can make a photo book that includes photos and captions for a truly personalized gift for friends, loved ones, and relatives. Photobooks make great holiday gifts.

Old Family Photos

You can dig into that old box of photos or those dusty family albums and find photos long forgotten for a customized, up-to-date gift for grown children or grandparents. Do they recall that eighties hairdo or that homemade prom dress? Show them that you remember by putting those pictures in a photo book.

Vacation Memories

So, you don’t bother torturing your family with slide shows of your vacations anymore, right? You learned your lesson on that one. But now you can put together a colorful, fun collection of the best photos from recent or past family vacations they can treasure forever in a photo book. You can create a cover with a title and scenic photo to make it look professional and impressive.

Wedding Photos

Wedding photos make great photo books. Capture the highlights like the walk down the aisle, the first kiss, and the first dance in a lovely customized photo book so everyone in that family has their own wedding photo album to commemorate that blessed day. Include photos of friends, relatives, and the wedding party as they drink punch, eat cake, and converse to add a lively, natural element to the event that compliments the posed photos made by the photographer.

Baby Photos

New parents are so proud and constantly wanting to share milestones and memories. Now you can compile those throughout the year and put them together in a photo book for a keepsake for grandparents and relatives. Include just one of the 57 photos you took of the baby leaving the hospital, just one of 128 you have of the first smile, and highlight each major milestone throughout the year. Sure, you already posted them online, but now they can have them put together in a photo book they can hold in their hands and look at time and time again.

Graduation Photos

Graduation photos also make great photo books. Rather than just hanging one photo on the wall, you can capture all of the nostalgic moments with friends and family as well as fun times after the ceremony to really give a memorable gift that makes your graduate proud. You can also include photos of the first day of kindergarten as well as special moments from school plays, ceremonies, and major events to show the education journey of your graduate from beginning to end.

Memorialize Pets

You can put together the best, funniest photos of your family pets so you are able to remember them fondly long after they’re gone. Ask your loved one or family member for photos of their favorite pet without telling them why you need them, or grab them from online. They will be thrilled to get a photo book dedicated to their furry friend they can treasure for a lifetime.

Make a unique, personalized gift for your hard-to-buy-for loved ones on your Christmas list this year with a photo book and watch their eyes light up with delight.


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