Dream bathrooms are for everyone – how to design a new bathroom for someone with limited mobility

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If you share your home with a family member with limited mobility or walking aids, then a bathroom makeover will need to cater to their needs as well as everyone else’s in the household.  You don’t need to create something that looks like it has come straight off the set of a hospital drama, style and functionality are not mutually exclusive.  And if you are on a budget, our design ideas and tips won’t break the bank either – brought to you by Wet Wall.

Widen the doorway

A standard household doorway of 24” is not wide enough for a person with a walker or sticks to easily navigate.  Go at least 32 inches wide.  This is also the minimum recommended width for wheelchair access.

Adjust the height of toilet seats or make the whole unit taller

Most toilets are lower than the seats on wheelchairs and walkers.  Fit a higher toilet unit or an adjustable toilet which makes it much easier for disabled or limited mobility people to move from their walking aid to the toilet seat.  There is lots of information available online to help you make a considered choice and plenty of retailers which cater to this market.

Walk-in baths

These totally solve the problem of bath access for anyone who has restricted mobility rather than a recognised condition.  They are far safer than persevering with a traditional bath and trying to install grab rails.  However, you may still need to have grab rails located in the bathroom where people are moving from their mobility aid to either the toilet or bath.  Designed to prevent falls and accidents, these devices are specially constructed to take the weight of a falling person and can support up to 140 kgs.

Non-slip surfaces

Non-slip surfaces are a feature for all the family and not just an elderly or disadvantaged family member.  It is easy to slip on a shiny bath or floor whoever you are.

Split the bath and shower

Shower bath combos are so last century and actually, a walk-in shower with no tray makes life so much easier for a person with limited mobility.  Go to town on sumptuous tiles or designer shower panels which can make a real splash statement in strong patterns and vibrant colours.

Double sink vanity

Handy because you can share especially if your family member with limited mobility is slower and needs more bathroom time or that could just be a teenager!

Update flooring

Use an alternative flooring system to tiling which can be cold and slippery.  Waterproof flooring systems can create wood or stone effects which look so realistic you won’t know it isn’t the real deal until you feel how warm it is with your bare feet.  No need for bath mats which can cause accidents, the structure is totally waterproof and has an R10 slip rating so you can be certain it is safe.  Let water splashes dry out naturally.

A great bathroom ideas is not mutually exclusive of a functional room which needs to have some adaptations to accommodate a family member.  Design does not have to oust practicality, after all, everyone wants to feel the luxury experience.  Modern materials can not only enhance styling but also offer some real inbuilt safety features which will keep everyone in the family as safe as houses.

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