Top 4 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Thermostat

Owning and installing a thermostat at your home is the best decision you will never regret to make. It is considered to be a highly sensitive control instrument that responds to even the slightest changes in temperature. As a rule of thumb, it also has some fewer parts to malfunction than the other components of your heating and cooling system; it can be a source of problems if not well maintained. In this article, you will have explicit knowledge of how to manage your thermostat easily. 


Dirt is one of the most common reasons for thermostats operating incorrectly. This is because it affects the thermostat’s calibration causing it to interfere with its operation. There will be additional energy it takes to run a dirty thermostat; this can increase your fuel bill as much as 4%. For example, if it’s set for 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s maintaining a temperature of 53 degrees due to the dirt interfering with operation. You can always choose to check your thermostat often, especially during season changes. Making your Nest vs Ecobee thermostat clean and dust-free may help improve efficiency.


It is always wise to set your thermostat to 68 degrees in winter and 78 degrees in summer during waking hours. This can help you save even more by dialing the heat or air conditioning back a few extra degrees overnight or when your home is unoccupied. As per the information from the Department of Energy; it estimates you can save up to 10 percent per year on your energy bills by merely adjusting the thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees for 8 hours a day.

Use fan

Pumping fresh air into the room is what makes you comfortable, but a fan can help you circulate the air, and you won’t need to turn the thermostat down as low. A fan allows you to raise the thermostat by 4 degrees while maintaining the same level of comfort. Ceiling, floor, mounted, and table fans are all cost and energy-efficient alternative options that can make you feel anywhere from 3-8 degrees cooler and save your thermostat from overworking. 

Maintain proper your HVAC

Taking agog care of your HVAC is significant when it comes to maintenances, if you’re not taking adequate care of your HVAC system, you could be wasting a lot of energy. Honestly, you may think that dirty & plugged air filters are what make your thermostat to neglect its service, or not cleaning the area around your compressors can cause your system to work harder. The harder it needs to work, the more energy it will be used, which results in overworking. Always be smart about taking care of your HVAC system. 

The decision of hiring an expert to perform maintenance service on your system, once during the fall and once during the spring to ensure your thermostat such as Nest vs Ecobee is ready to heat or cool your home. Organizing for a pre-season appointment can help you find and repair problems before they become too dangerous. 


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