Tips On Planting Magnolias Near Your House

If you have ever witnessed a Magnolia tree bloom, you would not argue that it is a glorifying thing to behold. Magnolias thrive better in warm regions; therefore, they are ubiquitous in the Southern part of America. One fantastic thing about the magnolias is that it has an unforgettable fragrance, and it is huge when it blossoms. If anyone compares a lady to a magnolia, then she is loved, because no one comes face to face with a magnolia tree and is not flawed. Although this type of tree is straightforward to take care of as it is not expensive to maintain, it can be a huge problem for homeowners. One thing you should know about the magnolia tree before you plant it near your home is that it is very invasive.

When the trees grow too close to your house, it may start damaging the roots of the tree, and you would not want a huge Magnolia tree to fall on your home one day. However, there is a type of magnolia tree known as magnolia little gem. This evergreen tree grows slowly and starts having flowers when it has reached two years and above. It is also called the Southern dwarf magnolia. It can be used to beautify your home surroundings, to give it a perfect look. The flowers can also be used as a gift to someone during date night as it has the loveliest fragrance.

If you are not investing in a dwarf magnolia tree, but want help to get the best out of planting a huge magnolia tree near your home, these tips should be helpful. However, if you are not convinced, then you should do more research on the tree and how you can plant it successfully in your home.


When you want to grow a magnolia tree, you must know the perfect time for it. Every type of magnolia comes with its time and season, so you must be conversant with the time that is good for planting your magnolia tree.


Some people believe that since a magnolia tree is strong, it can stand under harsh conditions or a shortened supply of nutrients. This is not true. When it comes to a magnolia tree, you must be consistent in watering it. At least, a magnolia tree should be given an inch of water every week.


When you have successfully planted your magnolia, make sure that you support it with stakes to make it durable and stick to the ground. This is because the tree will eventually grow to be heavy.

Spread Roots

When you plant a magnolia tree, and you find out that there are roots around the root ball, cut them off immediately. A magnolia tree tends to go in circles, and you cannot allow that as it will cause stiffness in the tree.


Just like any plant, a magnolia plant needs fertilizer always to survive. However, when you have newly planted the plant, it is not advisable to put manure on it till another season arrives. This fertilizer should be organically balanced to help the plant grow better.


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