Tyeler Reign Works Her Way To The Top

Don’t look now, but Tyeler Reign is about to blow up all over the internet. As this tantalizingly short 20-second video shows, the cute and sassy dancer has the moves to catapult her way to the top and into the public’s collective consciousness. Everything seems to be going right for the fast-rising reality TV star and recording artist. She was the first to break through the scene as the top contender in season five of The Rap Game. Tyeler has indeed come a long way since she uploaded her first video on YouTube in 2014, and it seems that her rise to stardom is unstoppable at this point. She’s always been a representer of the West Coast whenever it has come to her styling, her clothes, or the way she speaks or brings life to her rap songs. The creator of the show of the rap game season five has praised her, saying that Tyeler justified her talent throughout the season by working really hard.

Being the top contestant of the show, Tyeler never forgets to mention her mother’s contribution to her career and life. Her mother even does the work of her manager, which made Tyeler say that her mother is her ‘momager.’ Her mother was incredibly supportive throughout the entire show, no matter how difficult the situation was after each episode. In one event, it had really turned worse for Tyeler. Still, she kept her calm and perform even better on the next episodes by gathering her strength once again. Hard work, continuous support from the mother, and her courage were enough to win her the title of the so so Def membership.

In the show, Sire was giving a fierce competition to Tyeler and was having a chance to win the so so Def chain and the plaque that comes along with it. Nya, Sire, and Tyeler were the top three contestants that were selected for the final round, and Tyeler’s energy was enough to please the crowds and the judges. Tyeler wishes to work with Missy Elliott in the future as she admires her.  While speaking about Missy, Tyeler says that her inspiration for rap songs comes from Missy’s writing, and Tyeler thinks she and Missy can create magic together.

With the winner title of so so Def home, Tyeler released her latest single rap “yeahh” and audiences are loving it. She is working with other projects also, which she will reveal very soon.


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