Learn all about the new Roborock vacuum cleaner model

Since the robotic vacuum cleaners arrived on the market, there are many changes that this type of product has undergone, especially considering the short time course that has occurred. But the state in which technology is so amazing is that it can achieve such impressive things as the one just mentioned and achieve scenarios that, until only a few years ago, were considered science fiction. Some scenarios in which the best-selling product to buy the Roborock s6 moves like a fish in the water, so whoever can buy the Roborock s6, is making a certainly profitable investment.

About Roborock

It is important to note that Roborock is part of the extensive network of Chinese startups in which Xiaomi invested in 2014, is an independent firm of Xiaomi, which markets its own models, although it also produces robot vacuum cleaners for Xiaomi and it is Xiaomi that allows its marketing, making its introduction in the US market in 2018, and can already be acquired in a large number of countries in Europe. In this sense, the Roborock S6 model comes to be integrated into the Mi Home application of the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Dimensions and components

A small introduction, about the context of this cleaning gem, before starting with the technical details. It comes to weigh around 3 kilos and a half; exactly, its dimensions are 353 x 350 x 96.5 mm. It has a cylindrical shape, wide, and otherwise usual characteristic in this type of product. In its front area, it integrates a protector that protects it against shocks with any obstacle that may arise while performing its functions.

In the upper and lower areas, it is, perhaps, where more mechanical diversity can be found. In the first, you can see the laser sensor , essential to perform your task with the expected success, as well as three buttons – one to start cleaning, others to start or finish it and another to start charging -, a cover for access to the tank and an LED to control your connection to the Wi-Fi network . On the other hand, in the lower area of ​​the vacuum cleaner, it can be seen that there are up to six uneven sensors, located a short distance from the loading plates and the wheel, whose main mission is to facilitate the movement of the robot, using the ground surface as the main reference to detect steps or other similar obstacles.

You can move around avoiding obstacles and without emitting noise

Perhaps its most surprising quality is its splendid scrubbing service, practically, unparalleled in the market as a whole. A capacity that is unattainable for many other models, but that is only one more functionality for S6, the greatest ally for home cleaning, thanks to its extraordinary speed, of 300 revolutions per minute , as well as the distribution of its memory, capable to produce a detailed map of the floor or of the house , to carry out its task, with great speed and with an enviable movement capacity, having the virtually of moving around practically any corner of the house, thanks to its laser rangefinder.

In relation to the previous lines, it can also be added that not only can S6 be programmed to tell you where you need to clean; you can also tell it where you don’t have to go. You only have to specify it in the application, being able to reach protected areas with sizes up to 10 meters or not reaching half a meter, that is, from entire rooms to the hanger where to hang the coats, at the entrance of the house.

The density of their brushes is also very striking. A significant increase over other models, which has resulted in texture, in many ways, perfect. Regardless of the intensity with which the vacuum cleaner is moving, the bristles of the brushes remain soft to the touch. In this way, the soil is not damaged, a factor to consider in any cleaning worth its salt, but, at the same time, they are strong enough to trap the dust that you want to fight. In short, a true jewel of material and planning.

You cannot close this article without mentioning another admirable quality of this impressive cleaning device: the silence with which you carry out your task. Another aspect in which S6 is at the forefront, achieving a noise suppression of up to 50% compared to its previous model, the S5. In addition, it is a pleasant noise, away from this terrible that conventional vacuum cleaners usually emit. Speaking of sound, it is also possible to control it with the voice, because only you have to say the exact words, to perform the tasks that are ordered.

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