Top 6 Vaping Safety Tips

Since its inception, vaping has suffered constant attacks on matters of safety. In recent years, an increase in the number of e-cigarette related accidents has led many users to question their safety.

One thing that most users don’t remember is that all electrical devices are ticking bombs when mismanaged; e-cigarettes are no different.

If you want to guarantee your safety and that of the people closest to you, here are six safety tips you should follow to the letter.

Buy your hardware and e-juice from reputable brands

Purchasing vape juices from unlicensed or unknown brands is one way to guarantee that you’ll buy juice that was made in a guy’s basement. You don’t want that.

Although the FDA strictly regulates the production and distribution of e-cigarettes and e-juices, many unlicensed manufacturers still manage to sell their products. They prey on your propensity to make the cheapest purchase.

Be cautious about who you buy from. If you become suspicious about any online seller, just choose a different one. Also, ensure that you understand the ingredients of the e-juices you buy. Reputable sellers will only list products made from verified e-liquid ingredients only but the same cannot be said about cheaper and low-quality vape juices.

Never let your mod overheat

Like most electronics, a heating mod signals disaster and should be a good enough reason to replace any damaged parts or the entire mod.

Mods can heat due to many reasons, but in most cases, the battery is usually the culprit. An overheated battery could leak dangerous chemicals or even explode. If you sense that your mod is overheating, let it cool down before you continue vaping.

Don’t spill e-juice on your skin

Most vapers don’t think much about spilling e-juice on their skin. However, given the high concentration of nicotine in the juice, it’s a good idea to avoid any spillages while refilling.

Since the human skin acts like a sponge, it can absorb high concentrations of nicotine as your vape juice spills. While the nicotine absorbed may not be enough to cause any damages, if left for too long, you may suffer the effects of having too much nicotine in your body. Some side effects include anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Store your hardware and e-juice safely

As a rule of thumb, you have to keep all e-cigs, their accessories, and vape juice away from the reach of children and pets. This is crucial when you have curious snoopy running around the house who may consume the juice or play around with an electric device unsupervised.

In addition, avoid leaving your batteries in humid places or in any place they can heat up such as in your car, near open fires or in direct contact with sunlight.

Use the right batteries and chargers

Replacement and spare batteries and chargers are notorious for causing many e-cigarette related accidents. Using batteries that are pushed beyond their limits means that they could be leaking explosive chemicals. In addition, using the wrong charger may not only decrease the life of your batteries but also increase the chances of your batteries exploding while they are being charged.

Stay away from DIY e-liquids if you are unskilled at it

Most vapers do come to a point where they want to mix up their own vaping juices. It’s not wrong or illegal and is a pretty easy process since the materials and recipes are easily accessible.

While DIY e-juice concoctions will save you a lot of cash, they can also cause a lot of harm especially if you mix the wrong chemicals or get the ratios wrong. If you are just starting out, it’s safer to stick to premade vape juices to avoid any health risks. Leave the experimentation to a later time when you are far more knowledgeable about custom vape liquids.


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