Perfect Gifts for a Hairstylist

Do you know someone who’s a professional hairstylist? Nearly all of us do. These people are pretty creative and obsessive when it comes to their business. Hairstyling is an art that requires a lot of practice and effort to perfect. So, how can you help your hairstylist friends in their endeavor? By gifting them something that’s useful for their profession!

Even though there are plenty of options to choose from, deciding gifts for your hairstylist friend can be a bit intimidating. Famous brands such as the Scissor Tech US manufacture high-quality hair styling tools. You can take a look at their wide variety of products and purchase the perfect gift for the hairstylist in your life!

Here are some fantastic items that you can gift to a hairstylist.


  • Hairdressing Scissors


Hairdressing scissors are one of the most important tools in a hairstylist’s inventory. Different types of hairdressing scissors are designed for different purposes. You can consider getting a pair of scissors for hairstylists who have just opened up their own salons. 

Any professional would love a tool that can help their new business. There are lots of stores, both online and offline, that sell hairdressing scissors. You can browse through online catalogs to find the one that suits your budget!


  • Protective Leather Case


A protective leather case for storing scissors and blades is another excellent idea. These pouches are very useful and can be bought anywhere easily. These pouches make a hairdresser’s business a lot safer. You can even get a personalized case with the hairstylist’s name and brand logo. This makes a leather case the perfect gift for a hairstylist.


  • Barber’s Cross-Back Apron


 Your stylist could definitely use a protective apron for in their day-to-day operations. A cross-back apron with pockets comes in handy while handling shears, combs, and electric blades. It also helps to protect one’s clothes and appear professional. An apron is a thoughtful gift that you can give to a hairstylist as a token of appreciation! 

  • Hair Salon Wall Clock


Everybody enjoys a stylish hair salon. A salon-themed wall clock will definitely go well with a hairstylist’s business. Different stylists prefer different themes. Whether your friend prefers a professional and business-like interior or is all about Hollywood-themed funky interior, you can always find a wall clock that blends in well with the salon environment. You can purchase two or three clocks, depending on the size of a hairstylist’s salon!


  • Customized Waterproof Apron for Customers


Here’s something that your stylist friend can use to impress their customers! A waterproof apron is used to protect the customer’s clothes while they’re working. The apron protects clothes from stray hair and water. By investing a small sum of money, you can surprise your friend with a customized pack of waterproof aprons.


  • Coffee Mug Set and Coffee Machine


Running a hair salon is undoubtedly tiring. Many hairstylists prefer keeping a coffee machine in their salon to recharge themselves quickly. So, a coffee machine for your hairstylist friend would make a perfect present. You can also purchase personalized coffee mugs, which can add to the environment of the salon.


  • Ring Light and Vanity Light Frame


Hairstylists use ring lights and vanity lights for both comfort and precision while styling a clients’ hair. A professional ring light can be carried around the salon, while vanity lights can be attached to full-length and dressing table mirrors. These pieces of equipment are cheap but extremely useful. We recommend that you purchase these lights if you have a low budget but want to give a useful gift.


  • Magazine Subscriptions


Help your hairstylist’s clients relax by setting up a small magazine table! You can gift your friend a subscription plan of magazines that can entertain clients while they wait. This will help clients remain patient for their turn instead of just leaving after a while. Not only this, but customers can also keep clients busy while they’re getting their hair done!


  • Hairdressing Combs


Hairdressing combs are readily available online and are quite cheap to buy, as well. Combs differ in terms of their length and teeth gap. Stylists use these combs for precision in hair parting. You can purchase a pack of around 12 high-quality hairdressing combs and gift it to your hairstylist friend!


        10.Hairstylist Themed Accessories

You can also gift your hairstylist friend a set of assorted hairstylist accessories. Ear cuffs, bracelets, rings, and necklaces decorated with miniature scissors and blades are sure to grab everyone’s attention!


         11.Storage Chest

A compact storage chest can also be of great use for a hairstylist. These storage chests consist of 8-10 drawers and can store scissors, blades, combs, hairbrushes, pomades, bowls, towels and, a host of other hairstylist tools. 


    12.Decorative Posters

Quirky and witty posters are another fantastic gift idea for hairstylists who can use them to decorate their salons. You can purchase A4 sized posters from gift card companies or get them from Pinterest! Get these posters framed and set them up on the salon counter and shelves to attract and entertain customers.

There are many more hair styling tools and accessories that you can consider gifting to your favorite hairstylist. You can also gift a leather carrier with straps, a tote bag, a spray bottle, and customized T-shirts to hairstylists. All of the options discussed above are perfect and affordable gift items, and hairstylists can use these products for their everyday use.


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