For a solo female traveler in Dubai

Traveling solo in Dubai is not as challenging as you think. And if you are a female who desires to explore Dubai on her own, well, you would simply love the experience.  Do not miss the chance to get away from mundane life and rejuvenate yourself in one of the most exciting cities in the world. All you need to do is look for cheap Qatar Airways flights and book the first flight to Dubai.

The glitzy city is with many nationalities more suited for a solo traveler, and most women are pleasantly surprised when they first visit Dubai. Despite what they have heard about the conservative Islamic culture, they find the city somewhat liberal. Hence it is no surprise to see an increasing number of female travelers to Dubai, and one can take advantage of cheap scoot flight tickets. All one needs to do is keep some tips in mind and enjoy the experience to the full.

Useful practical information for solo female travelers in Dubai

  • Although Dubai is a safe country, it is always better to get travel insurance before you leave. Thus, as a solo traveler, if you plan to explore the adventures of Dubai to the fullest, travel insurance is highly recommended.
  • The public transport in Dubai is completely safe for a solo female traveler, and they can take taxis, buses, and metros. Dubai transport network is well laid out, and there are good transport links. Frequent buses frequently run from the airport, and there are hop on hop off bus everywhere.
  • Respect the culture and religion of the UAE and dress modesty when you enter a mosque or any religious site. Skimpy dresses are not allowed, and you must cover your head. While you can wear swimsuits on some beaches, refrain from wearing skirts and shorts at religious places.
  • Although Dubai is a very low crime city, keep the contact numbers for any emergency handy. You sure are very safe in Dubai, but as emergencies often strikeout of the blue anywhere and at any time, you never know when you might need them.  You can
    certainly make a fast and smart move with those emergency numbers easily accessible.
  • When in public, dress modestly and behave like a lady. Conservative clothing is seen to be respectful and might feel reassuring. If you follow the dress code and the right conduct, there should be no problem for you.
  • Although one can drink and party in private rooms in a hotel, women should avoid drinking alcohol in public. So, do not drink in the public as Dubai is very strict about this rule. It is a must to behave like a lady in public.
  • Always carry plenty of water with you as Dubai is a hot place. So, keep yourself hydrated with water and energy drinks and wear light cotton clothes to stay comfortable. It is a lot safer to drink bottled water.
  • As Dubai is expensive, it is a good idea to have the basic medicines and the first-aid kit with you. Thus, when you do your packing, keep all the essential medications with you as buying pharmaceutical products in Dubai can be expensive.

Once you explore Dubai on your own, you will realize that it is one of the few destinations where a woman can roam freely and without any worries. In fact, she is likely to meet several other female travelers from all around the world. You will face no issues getting around or getting accommodation in the city. Still, like any other holiday trip, use your common sense and stay alert to avoid getting into any kind of trouble.


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