Bid Goodbye to Ill-Fits, Bad Fashion Choices with Rachel Choy

Whether you tend to opt for the girl-next-door look or are a daring fashionista, one must understand that not all clothing is made equal. Style, after all, is a feeling or an intuition that tends to dictate how you look and feel about yourself. The key lies in choosing a style that suits you the best under an expert’s guidance who will not only assess your individual style goals but will also provide you with tips, techniques, and assistance based on what works best for you. One such influential personal shopper who has also been leading the inclusive space of digital fashion is Rachel Choy – an ultimate arbiter of fashion in the world of personal styling and fashion inspiration. 

Rachel Choy believes that while color, form, pattern, and silhouette are pivotal when choosing an outfit, the fit is even more crucial. A staunch follower of fresh, clean, and good-fitting fashion, Rachel believes that wearing ill-fitted or outdated fashion is a surefire way to come across as unprofessional. At times, it’s the little things that stand in the way of one becoming a timeless and classic fashion icon.

An ace personal shopper herself, Rachel loves helping people to make the right fashion choices. She believes that the beauty of style is that everyone’s got his or her own.

Rachel is a staunch believer in customizing styles for her clients. She likes to give every client of hers a unique personality and individualistic fashion sense, something that is innately reflected in her integral digital profiles. Rachel loves amalgamating the art of working with people and fashion. She says, “Nowadays, more people should work with personal shoppers and digital stylists instead of just sitting at home or at work shopping online.” 

Born in Hong Kong, Rachel Choy is an extraordinaire lifestyle blogger who lives in New York City currently with her husband and two adorable daughters. Armed with an ace sense of fashion style, she has a Bachelor’s Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is currently working as a personal shopper at Neiman Marcus, New York. Backed with more than 210,000 followers on Instagram (@inrachelshoes), she’s a key digital influencer in the sphere of crisp and articulate modern fashion. 


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