Currency Conversion: The Cheapest Way To Take Money Overseas

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Trying to save money for your next big trip? Well you should take a look at currency conversions and the cheapest ways to take money overseas- you can save a lot of money by strategizing this aspect of your trip! Here are a few ways that you can get the most for your money when it comes to currency exchange.

Use and Online Currency Exchange

Once you are abroad, you will likely find that you need to have some cash on hand. However, foreign currency exchange centers can be very expensive, charging high rates and fees since they know tourists will pay them. Be smart and plan ahead by using an online currency exchange website like FX Compare. You can shop for the lowest fees, wait for rates to be amazing, and then place your order right from your home. This is a great way to get cheap foreign currency before you even leave.

Consider a Travel Card

Travel money cards are a newer way to get foreign currency that is easy and convenient. You can get a card from your local bank and then load it with as much foreign currency as you think you will need. Once abroad, you can use the travel card just as you would any debit card but you will be avoiding constant conversion charges every time you swipe. Once you are on your trip, you can easily add more money to your card or check your balance online. It is just like using a regular debit card but much cheaper as the money on the card corresponds to the currency of the country you are in!

Get a New Credit Card

Credit cards are essentially accepted across the world and can be very useful when you are traveling. They are typically very secure and some will give you cash back points when you use them! However, you should definitely check if your credit card charges fees for using the card overseas. If so, look into getting a card that will not charge a foreign transaction fee. These charges can add up quickly and is something you can easily avoid with proper planning!

Check Your Debit Card

Just as credit cards may charge foreign transaction fees, your debit card may as well. Look into this before you leave for your trip and, if you find your card does have a fine for using it abroad, talk to your bank about getting these fees waived or changing the kind of debit card you have. Heading overseas with a fee free debit card is a very smart way to bring money overseas!

Anytime you can save money on traveling, you should take advantage! Use these tips for navigating currency conversion and getting the cheapest money possible to bring overseas. Planning ahead is definitely something you should do so head online and check out current conversion rates, order a travel money card or shop for a new fee free credit card!


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