All you need to know about Cain Velasquez entry into WWE

According to the latest WWE News Cain Velasquez has signed a contract with the WWE. This was confirmed by a statement released on his Twitter account. Velasquez who has tried out as a professional wrestler recently removed himself from the UFC’s USADA drug-testing pool, which ended his MMA career with the promotion.

Velasquez had one of the most illustrious MMA careers with two heavyweight title reigns, a 14-3 record and a total of 10 knockouts in the Octagon. His career at the UFC, however, was not evasive of injuries, which kept Velasquez out of competition for significant amounts of time. Since 2016, Velasquez has fought only once in a 26-second knockout loss against Francis Ngannou.

Velasquez gave quite an emotional statement as he retired from the UFC- 

I am so blessed to have been able to have a career doing something I absolutely love. I knew from the time I was a junior in college I wanted to be a fighter and after graduating from college, I set off on my journey of becoming a fighter with the goal of being a UFC heavyweight champion. There are few people in this world that can say they have achieved what I have, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities and the position I held being a part of the UFC. With my official retirement from the UFC, it’s time for the next chapter.”

When asked about his recent signing with the WWE Cain replied-

A year ago, when I went to my first WWE show, I fell back in love with the sport that I had watched and participated in since I was a child. From that moment, I have been doing a crash course on all things that relate to pro wrestling. I’ve been training at different gyms, going to shows and watching more matches than I would like to admit, but I can honestly say I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling now. The contract is signed and I’m on my way to my next goal which is the universal champion.”

Velasquez debut as SmackDown Live debuted on Fox on October 4th. And it wasn’t much of a surprise as he was up against Brock Lesnar. Brock and Velasquez have a long history from their times at the UFC dating back to October 2010 when then-UFC champ Lesnar was being brutally dominated by Velasquez. On his debut, Velasquez greeted his old rival Lesnar with some good old style ground-and-pound. Velasquez is a two-time UFC heavyweight champion.

This encounter between Lesnar and Velasquez have laid the foundation for Cain’s first PPV at the WWE. The two are set to face each other in a match at WWE’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, Oct. 31. The match was officially announced at a press conference which was attended by both the wrestlers.

Before coming to WWE, Velasquez was competing in the Mexican AAA promotion. Over there, Velasquez surely left his mark on the fans and wrestlers alike. What earned him his WWE contract was his athleticism and ability to quickly pick up the complicated ways of the ring.

Even WWE’s current rival promotion, All Elite Wrestling is interested in Velasquez.

AEW executive vice president and superstar Cody Rhodes at a recent media conference said-

He’s definitely somebody I am keeping an eye on. Cain was one of those athletes … not even an athlete thing, it’s almost a strange natural ability to pick up our industry. Man, he picked it up so, so quick and he wasn’t doing mixed martial arts, Cain Velasquez. He was trying to do true Lucha, and he had worked with Psycho Clown … I was blown away by Cain Velasquez.”


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