Headphones in 2019: A Lifestyle Choice

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As technology becomes more and more integrated into our daily lives, the demand is growing for devices that can adapt to our specific needs. Perhaps one of the most sought after of these devices are headphones. Headphones allow us to stay connected to our devices and entertained in nearly every situation imaginable.

Yet it can be challenging to find a pair of headphones that are comfortable, functional, and most importantly, suited to your specific lifestyle. Let’s explore some of the best headphone options for various common activities.

Headphones for Runners

Running is an extremely popular and rewarding lifestyle that can be difficult to accommodate when it comes to headphones. Since runners need their devices to be as mobile as they are, wireless headphones are generally their best option.

Wireless headphones come in a few different forms:

  • earbuds with no wires whatsoever
  • earbuds with hooks that wrap around the user’s ear,
  • and earbuds with a short cable connecting the two buds to one another.

These headphone types have distinct pros and cons that runners will want to consider when making their choice.

Indeed wireless headphones are the most mobile option. These headphones are extremely lightweight and have a sleek design with no pesky wires in the way.

The only downside of these cutting-edge earbuds is that they tend to have a lower battery life than their wired counterparts, and they also tend to be the most expensive model.

Earbuds with hooks can be expensive as well, though they tend to be a bit cheaper than the totally wireless models. These earbuds are more secure and are a great option for runners that want to avoid wires but have trouble getting their earbuds to stay in place on long runs.

Lastly, earbuds with a connecting wire are generally the cheapest option of the wireless models. While these earbuds use Bluetooth technology and do not have a wire connecting them to your device, they do have a short wire attaching them to one another which some runners may find cumbersome. This small inconvenience is balanced out by the lower price point and a generally longer battery life.

Underwater Headphones for Swimmers

Like runners, swimmers lead a very active lifestyle and need a pair of headphones that can keep up. The added factor of water makes things a bit more complicated, but waterproof headphones are becoming more advanced- and more affordable- with time. 

While Bluetooth functionality is dicey at best underwater, manufacturers have come up with a clever workaround to ensure that you can still access your workout music in the pool: so-called “swiMP3s”. These devices are made up of a waterproof headset along with a basic waterproof MP3 player that the user wears as part of a headset while swimming.

There are several factors to consider when looking into a waterproof headset. Potential buyers will want to consider the usual factors of price, sound quality and comfort but also water-specific factors like the maximum depth that the headphones can function at.

Additionally, swimmers should keep in mind that pool chemicals will inevitably damage the headphones over time, so consistent maintenance is key to preserving waterproof headphones.

Headphones for a Good Night’s Sleep

After all this strenuous exercise, it is essential to get a good night’s sleep. This is where sleep headphones come in. Headphones specially designed for sleep are an up and coming alternative to the more traditional white noise machines or speakers with soothing music that have become commonplace among sleepers looking to enhance the quality of their sleep.

And while wearing headphones to sleep might seem uncomfortable, companies are stepping up their game to produce headphones that are both comfortable and functional. The designs are quirky but effective and include setups that range from a plush headband containing headphones, to a sleep mask that plays music, to extremely small earbuds that are easy on your ear canals. If you want to learn about your options, take a look at the https://smartifylife.com, which discusses sleeping headphones and other sleep gadgets, and provide detailed product reviews.

Headphones for Kids

Finally, perhaps the most difficult demographic to shop for is headphones for small children. Kids are notoriously destructive and can be quite particular about their devices. The right device will strike a good balance between a fun design and a durable build.

In addition to these design concerns, safety is always a number one priority when it comes to children’s products. The ideal headphones for kids will not have small parts that pose a choking risk and will have safeguards against the excessive volume that can damage a child’s delicate ears. Hearing protection can be built into the hardware of the device or in some cases, can be regulated using parental controls.

With the range of options available, buying a new pair of headphones is more complicated and also more rewarding than ever. There is a pair of headphones targeted to every demographic. It just might take a bit of research to find it.

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