How to Stay Comfortable While Traveling

Sitting in a car for hours on end during a cross country road trip, or being stuck in an economy seat next to a snoring passenger on an overnight flight, can drive anyone crazy. While going on vacation is a wonderful experience, the process of getting there often isn’t. Unruly crowds in line at the airport and stop-and-go traffic can make you pull your hair out.

However, if you pack well, you can turn traveling into an enjoyable adventure. This way, when you reach your destination, you’ll feel calm, relaxed, and ready to go. As you pack your bags and get ready to head out the door, consider these tips on how to stay comfortable while traveling.

Plan Out Stretch Breaks

As you plan your itinerary for your road trip, make sure you take note of local rest stops where you can step outside for a moment to get your blood moving. Sitting for long periods of time can cause restlessness and health problems, which can haunt you later down the line. Stay proactive and stop every few hours if it’s a long drive to do some jumping jacks, static stretches, and relieve yourself. Taking in a deep breath of fresh air will feel better than ever after being cramped in a car stuffed with suitcases.

Pack the Snacks

If you want to travel comfortably, you’re going to need to be well-nourished. Being hangry in an airport with people running all over the place is never a good combo. If you’re traveling through the air, you’re going to have to be choosy when it comes to the snacks you bring. Make sure you avoid liquids and stick to healthy and small snacks, such as:

If you’re traveling by car or train, you’ll have more freedom when it comes to what you bring. You can pack a cooler and build pre-made sandwiches to avoid spending money on semi-dry, flavorless gas station sandwiches that you’ll regret later. You can also pack a variety of drinks, such as water, juice, and sports drinks to keep you hydrated and energized. And if you want to make your trip more memorable, surprise your traveling companions with personalized items like custom Yeti cups or t-shirts with everyone’s face on it. This is a great way to commemorate your trip in a practical and fun way.

Dress Comfortably

Sure, some may say, “look good, feel good,” but when it comes to traveling, it’s a better idea to opt for your oversized hoodie and leggings or gym shirt and sweatpants. As long as you don’t post anything on Instagram or Snapchat, no one will know you’re dressed like the troll under the bridge you just crossed. Traveling in comfortable clothes will allow you to get cozy and take a nap resting on an airplane window, or simply stretch your legs if you’re sitting in a tight space. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a tight-fitting dress and heels or button-down shirt and slacks on a long flight or car ride. As you’re looking at the two outfits laid out on your bed, pick the one that’s loose-fitting, breathable, and cozy. You’ll thank us later.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment

We know, it’s important to live in the moment. But when you’re driving through endless fields of corn in America’s Sun Belt or over the vast Pacific Ocean, those views will get old…fast. Not only does your body need to be comfortable, but your mind also needs rest and relaxation as well, or else you may go haywire. For those moments you need a break from your siblings or need to drown out the wails from a crying baby, make sure you pack your travel backpack with these forms of entertainment:

Key Takeaways

The key to staying comfortable while traveling is planning ahead. With thoughtful consideration, you’ll be able to make any long car ride or flight a pleasurable experience. From packing a neck pillow to all of your favorite snacks and drinks, you can travel in luxury even if you ended up getting stuck in the last row on the airplane. And if you really want to go all out, you can even pack your own internet connection so you can post fire Instagram photos even in the middle of nowhere.

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