5 Home Improvements to Consider When Starting a Family

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Owning a home is one thing but owning a home while raising a family is a whole new ball game. If you’re planning to start a family, there are a lot of things you need to consider. You will no longer have your peace and quiet and leaving sharp objects like kitchen knives lying around probably isn’t the best idea. However, raising a family is a lifelong goal for most people, and this new chapter will be filled with many amazing memories that will be cherished forever. To create these memorable moments, though, you’re going to want to make some improvements to turn your house into a home.

To turn your house into a home that’s suitable for your family, we’ve compiled a list of five home improvement ideas you should consider below.

1. Bedrooms

Now that you’re starting a family, it’s time to put your children first and yourself second. This means you take the time to create a nursery that allows them to blossom and grow. To remodel a regular room into a comfortable, loving nursery, invest in these essentials:

When designing a nursery, it’s important you keep comfort in mind. Adding a fresh layer of a light-hued paint will produce a calming effect, and investing in a quality crib, rocking chair, and changing table will ensure your little one can sleep soundly.

However, after a few years, your newborn won’t be little anymore, and it’ll be time to make some changes to their room. As you redesign their room, make it kid-friendly with a fun wallpaper, a new kid-sized bed, carpet to play on without getting bruises, and a fun matching bed set.

2. Bathrooms

Remodeling your bathroom is an essential home improvement idea to consider when starting a family. A project like this can be expensive, so you may need to make some sacrifices, such as selling a car you no longer use or working extra hours for a few months. However, a bathroom remodel will pay off in the long run. Here’s what you should do:

  • Install bathroom cupboards to store extra towels and bath toys
  • Choose a stain-resistant countertop, such as quartz
  • Invest in anti-scald devices to ensure your children don’t burn themselves with hot water
  • Install a handheld showerhead that can be detached from the wall to clean toddlers
  • Lay down neutral-colored tile and cabinets, but add a pop of color to your walls

3. The Kitchen

Another area of the home you should consider remodeling is your kitchen. Now that your family is growing, you’re going to be cooking larger meals more often, especially once they hit middle school and start growing exponentially. When it comes to creating a timeless design for your kitchen that’s family-friendly, stick to these design tips:

  • Keep it simple: Choose neutral or pastel colors, with a light-colored wood to keep the kitchen bright
  • Invest in new appliances: Buying a larger fridge is a must, especially if you intend on growing a large family, and stainless steel appliances will offer a timeless look and are easy to clean
  • Add more storage: If possible, add more storage to your kitchen. This can be done by installing more cabinets or turning a nearby closet into a pantry where you can store all of your snacks, drinks, and canned goods

4. The Living Room

The living room is where you and your family will spend most of your time. From movie nights to huddling by the fireplace during a winter storm, living rooms are a place to hang out and make lasting memories. As you grow your family, buy furniture that’s kid-friendly. This means your coffee table shouldn’t be made of glass or have sharp edges, as these can be a recipe for disaster. Additionally, you should swap out your current couch for a larger one, such as sectional, to create a tranquil living space where everyone can fit.

5. The Yard

Lastly, you want to make sure you have a yard where your kids can play and have adventures. If you have enough space in your backyard, consider installing an in-ground or above-ground pool. Other options to spruce up your yard that will encourage your children to play outside include:

  • A playscape or swing set
  • A basketball hoop
  • A trampoline
  • A soccer goal

As with all outdoor activities, it’s imperative you warm your little ones about potential dangers, such as falling and hurting themselves. And if you have a pool, make sure they never go anywhere near it alone. Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to outdoor activities.

Key Takeaways

Remodeling your home is a major task, especially when you’re trying to start a family. However, tackling these projects before your little one arrives will reduce your stress and ensure your baby comes home to a picture-perfect house.

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