World’s ‘Best New Dating Coach ‘Matt Artisan, of The Attractive Man, returns to Miami for dating girls boot camp | The Attractive Man Review

“The Attractive Man Dating Bootcamp” founder Matt Artisan is finally bringing back his life-changing, self-improvement dating seminar back to Miami this coming December 6th – 8th. The three-day “Daytime Attraction” boot camp aims to transform the approach of men with the way they attract and get dates by destroying their anxiety and boosting their confidence.

Matt Artisan first brought his uniquely-effective boot camp to Miami back in 2013 and since then the clamor for his return has been too loud to dismiss. This time, though, he’s not only giving men a shot at romance, but he’s making sure to give them the best experience as he will be leading the boot camp himself.

Simplified approach

Matt Artisan’s course outline boasts of being based on advanced female psychology and unique philosophies, whose power to spark a connection have been tested across different nationalities, yet are still very simple to digest.

Participants can expect a step-by-step and interactive lectures and drills, infield practice, as well as, games and exercises to turn their sad rejections to a resounding yes when approaching women. That’s over 20 hours of training, feedback, and videotape of the participant’s approaches for assessment that could ensure 100% success after the boot camp.

Day Game Focused

While other trainings tend to zero in on “tricking” women at nightclubs or other hookup areas, Matt Artisan, who was voted as “Best New Dating Coach in the World” at the PUA World Summit, is revolutionizing men’s dating lives with his “Day Game Focused” boot camp.

The Attractive Man boot camp is bent on bring out men’s natural charm without having to memorize lines or routines that would help them strike a conversation, get the numbers and eventually set up a date in under 3-minutes during “day game.”

Across platforms and continents

Matt Artisan, through The Attractive Man LLC, has already coached hundreds of men in over 40 countries including the US, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, India and the Philippines, etc., 10 years since his company was established.

Matt Artisan’s authentic and natural approach, as well as his deep understanding of women, hasn’t only allowed him to conquer to world, but also the media. He’s already been featured in FOX, MTV, ABC Nightline and has been invited to various seminars and boot camps worldwide to share about his expertise.   

Apart from sweeping women off from their feet and talking like a real man, Matt Artisan’s “The Attractive Man boot camp” also promises to equip its participants on how to be more social on their daily lives and how to approach awkward situations.

Interested to join? Just visit to see the entire boot camp and live training schedules, course outline and testimonials of their happy clients.


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