Pull Off the Skater Fashion! Here’s How

Fashion from the past, such as the 80s and 90s era, has made a comeback in contemporary time. This recurrence in fashion has become a thing over time.

Different styles, from vintage to skateboard fashion, has seen the light of the 21st century.

When it comes to skateboard fashion, one does not need to be a regular skateboarder to adapt to this style. But while we’re at it, you also learn the basics of it.


The rise of urban skateboarding culture profoundly influences this fashion style, further put into the mainstream by the media, such as the thrasher magazine.


Thrasher has influenced the majority to appreciate and even adapt to skateboard fashion. This appreciation led skater fashion to become a commercialized style.


You may ask, what constitutes skater fashion? Well, look no more. Here is a list of clothing types that you need to pull off that skater vibe.


When one speaks of skateboarding, you cannot ignore the essential role of shoes. Skateboard shoes are typically sneakers, either low-top or high-top. Black and white are the usual colors of skateboarding shoes. Intense colors, such as red can complement these colors.


Skate shorts have a summer and liberated vibe in them. This means loose and comfortable shorts characterize the skateboard style. Typically, shorts for skateboard fashion is associated with baggy knee-length shorts. You may opt for cargo shorts. Pockets can add a touch of the urban culture. You can also pick contemporary styles of shorts to give it a modern feel. Just try to remember the basic principle of skate shorts: loose and long, 


For shirts, these are typical loose or oversized. The design can range from bold statements to simple graphic texts or logos. You can layer this with a complementary overshirt that’s open to having a sense of movement still.


Cargo pants usually work for actual skaters since these do not inhibit their movement and allow them to do their tricks and footwork freely.

This has been adapted in skateboarder fashion. The style says no to skinny jeans for they are too tight, or sweatpants for they are too loose. It’s the right amount of fit that enables movement. 


Hoodies speak of urban fashion. Also, this is a basic skater apparel. Just like shirts, hoodies for skater fashion are typically designed with flashy logos or bold texts. These designs give a sense of angst to its wearer.



To complete the look, take the time to give attention to small details that will complement the entire style. You may pair your skate shoes with tube socks for an extra statement. A logo cap may also be an additional accessory that helps achieve the look. With a good cap, the wearer gets to pull off the urban skate fashion like a natural.

Finally, a backpack can be added to have a sense of movement. Skaters carry backpacks for practical reasons, such as to take their things or serve as compartments for other things while they’re on the go.

Whatever look you are going for, it’s essential to study the vibe of the look and the necessary items you need to pull off the style. Skater fashion could be a style or just a look for the day.


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