The SEO “Guru” Who Likely Threatened a President – Scott Levy

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The reputation of SEO marketing can be damaged or raised based on the actions of individual marketers.

On Quora, a popular question is “Is it true that 90% of the SEO industry is a scam?”

There are articles with titles like “8 SIGNS YOUR SEO COMPANY IS A SCAM” and others associating the entire industry with scammers.

To that end, it is important that the industry self-police, and out bad actors within the community.

Fuel Online CEO Scott Levy appears to be one such bad actor.

According to, Scott Levy has been caught in a scheme where he leveraged the names of celebrities for retweets after perpetrating a charity scam.

But there is even more to the story.

It turns out, Levy also asked the social media manager of the President of the United States for a retweet – and apparently threatened him if he did not comply.

Levy tweeted out support for President Donald Trump at a time where President Trump was in the midst of a media crisis where the President was called anti-Semitic.

Scott Levy tweeted his support for President Trump.

Then, Levy did the unthinkable.

Levy apparently threatened the President of the United States.
@Scavino45 @DanScavino seems President doesn’t want my Jewish support? Otherwise you’d prob have rt’s,” tweeted Levy.

Dan Scavino is the social media manager for the President of the United States.

Levy, the CEO of Fuel Online, an SEO marketing company, is apparently threatening to noisily withdraw his “Jewish support” of the President – effectively calling the President an anti-Semite – if the President’s social media manager did not comply and retweet Scott Levy’s tweets.

This threatening type of behavior from an SEO company CEO is an embarrassment to the industry and must be made known.

Only by outing the fraudulent actors in the SEO marketing business can the industry maintain a positive reputation and public image.

Scott Levy seems to have threatened the President of the United States for retweets, and that can not be overlooked.

Levy’s company, Fuel Online, must be known as having a CEO apparently willing to engage in such fraudulent behavior, so that any fraudulent acts and bad actors within the internet marketing business are made known to the public.

The SEO business is too important to allow any apparently fraudulent behavior to go unscrutinized. While doctors have a medical board and lawyers have bar associations, internet marketers must check each other, so that the industry is protected from frauds, fakes, and scammers.


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