The health benefits that arise from drinking warm water

During summers ice cold water that comes to your sight is a blessing in disguise. Most of us are diehard fans of chilled water to cope up with the heat. Even dropping a few ice cubes into a plain glass of water can turn it into an energy drink. But if you feel that you are a fitness freak it is high time you stop drinking chilled water. Yes, you have gone on to hear it right, stop drinking chilled water at the earliest.

Now you might ask the reasons? You might have gone on to install a RO water purifier at your home, but why the need to drink warm water is. There are numerous benefits associated with drinking warm water. Let us explore them in details

Reduces body pain

All of you would have heard on how hot water soothes body pains. Suppose if you have muscle cramps drink warm water possess magical effects. The heat generated from the water passes through the entire body known to develop a soothing effect and reduces spams and pain. For this reason, warm water is one of the best remedies for reducing body pain.

Helps in losing weight

In the event of you trying to shed those extra flabs, drink warm water in the morning before you exercise. As suggested by experts you can add a tinge of honey to it. Warm water is going to melt down the fat tissues and reduce the weight along with your dose of daily exercises. The combination of all these factors would help you to lose weight in the long run.

Removes the toxins from the body

Warm water is known to flush out the unwanted toxins and materials from your body. If you are suffering from chronic constipation the best remedy would be to drink a glass of warm water in the morning. The heat trapped in the water provides relief to the intestinal walls, ensuring you are hydrated and ensures that the bowel movements are maintained.

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Peps up blood circulation

Once you are sticking to the routine of drinking warm water it improves your blood circulation. For the overall wellbeing of your body maintaining proper supply of water to each and every body part is important. The moment you abandon the habit of shedding cold water and drinking lukewarm water you might start to experience positive results.

Cures sore throat

The moment you suffer from sinus your nose might be blocked and possibility of congestion in your throat also develops. To open up the nasal sinuses a suggestion is to drink warm water as this is going to soothe your throat. When you are suffering from cold or cough it is not uncommon to sip in a glass of hot water as the much-needed relief is being provided by hot water.

Reduces scope of early ageing

If you desire for a glowing skin then it high time you drink warm water with a tinge of lemon from today. The main reasons for ageing are the free radicals that accumulate on your skin as you can get rid of them by drinking plenty of water during the day.

Coping with menstrual cramps becomes easy

For all girls, menstrual cramps are something that they would have gone on to experience at some point in their lives. During the first couple of days a lot of women are known to suffer from terrible menstrual cramps and they feel better once they put a hot water bag around their tummy. So next time when you are suffering from menstrual cramps and drink a glass of warm water and see how the pain magically vanishes. The warm water acts as a perfect recipe for your abdominal muscles in the process reducing this painful experience.

Paves way for better digestion

Certain type of individuals is prone to low metabolism levels, for them to drink warm water can really be of help. As a wonderful portion, warm water would help you to maintain your hydration levels and even movement of your intestinal muscles that can pave way for better digestion. Once you drink water before an hour of your meal it can improve digestion at a considerable level. In addition, you should make it a point that the water making way on to your home has to be pure and fit for drinking purposes. RO repair near me have a lot of dedicated customer service joints where time to time inspection of drinking water is done.

Prevents breakouts

A common sight that is seen is beauty salon use warm water to massage your face before a skincare regime. This same policy applies when it is the case of drinking warm water. As warm water contributes to digestion or even helps to detoxify your body which in turn can prevent bacterial infections that can lead to breakouts or acne on your body.

Ensures a healthy hair

In case of a healthy hair, you can increase the intake of warm water. This energizes your scalp or even activates the cells present. This in turn can make your hair stronger and healthier. Again, any skin that remains on your scalp would be hydrated that can contribute to hair growth and health.

Add a tinge of lemon to your plain water

Health experts often suggest drinking plain water with lemon and honey. Ample reasons can be attributed to that as follows

  • Lemon is a vital source of Vitamin C, that is of utmost importance in boasting the immunity of a human body
  • Working as an anti -bacterial agent it is known to prevent infections.
  • Lemon works its magic to ensure proper PH levels by keeping it healthy


By now you might be aware of the numerous benefits of drinking water early in the morning, let us seriously think of adopting this practice. When you add a tinge of lemon or honey to water you can sip it as a juice.

So, say a goodbye to the cold water.

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