Sheena Newman’s Ladies and Lunch is Empowering Women Around the World

The birth of the internet has changed the way people communicate and interact. Services like email, YouTube, and Instagram have made it possible to share information across the globe with the touch of a button. This, in turn, has helped educate today’s young generation about social causes such as whitewashing, gun violence, gender discrimination, and social backwardness. The web has also allowed women to participate in social activism and voice their opinions.

Sheena Newman is an entrepreneur and influencer. Newman is prominently known as the founder and CEO of TALIX Organics. However, Sheena has recently made waves as a social media influencer as well. In 2018, Newman founded Ladies and Lunch, a non-profit organization that aims to empower women by providing a network of support, education, and motivation. The organization primarily focuses on three fundamental categories: business, self-development, and interpersonal relationships. Newman has stated that her primary reason for establishing the organization was to put her online presence to good use. She aims to provide her fans with access to educational videos on business, development, and personal growth.

Ladies And Lunch, in conjunction with Sheena’s eponymous YouTube channel, has become a prominent name on YouTube. Newman uses the platform to conduct brief interviews with successful women from numerous sectors. She interviewed Dr. Regina Clark, speaking on the topic of de-cluttering one’s life and organized a short session with Dr. Mona Vand on healthy living. Newman also reached out to prominent names in the entertainment sector, interviewing actress Nikki Soohoo and Rachel Brooke Smith on topics such as the laws of attraction and the power of positivity. Most recently, she spoke with Kylie Jenner’s best friend- Tiffany Sorya about the power of education and its potential to bring about a change in society. Each interview is unique, offering a thorough and insightful conversation on the respective topic, yet offering a personal touch due to Newman’s involvement.

Sheena Newman is a woman of many talents; she is a dedicated mother, a successful CEO, and a committed activist. Through Ladies And Lunch, Sheena has raised awareness against the many issues women face today and imparted her followers with the necessary knowledge to take action. Sheena and her organization are empowering women all across the globe, one topic at a time.


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