Myth: healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food

We have been hearing with a lot of family and friends and other people that they aren’t eating healthy because they can’t afford to. Well, the rise of the healthy foods have been raising quite a lot we heard that in canteens kids are eating chocolates, biscuits, fries and more unhealthy things that one should avoid because the parents think this is the way they can save some money well this is all bullshit, it’s a myth.

We have heard this, healthy diet meal plan is expensive, well it is all false because the unhealthy foods are all what’s taking our money from us. The unhealthy foods are the one that’s been taking all our savings, eating junk every day is costing a lot to the parents and to the person who is hostel living and can’t afford more.

Which foods cost you a lot;

The unhealthy foods that require a lot are the junk and fast foods which the jobs and hostel person have a lot. Mcdonald’s burgers are of 10$to 20$ while burger king and other brands are even higher in the price which we all are having daily. 

Foods you should avoid having:

The foods that must be not healthy yet are extra are junk, fast foods, Mc chicken burgers, fries , and many other fast food stations that are charging tons of money are extremely tasty but to be honest it’s the slow poison that’s taking your health away and not giving you what you are looking to have a healthy lifestyle is far from all these things .

Inexpensive, healthy foods:

Healthy foods are the real foods that don’t cost anything much you can make at home if you are buying 1$ pulses, oils and some rice you are good to go to spend a few days with it. Oats, milk, rice, flour, vegetables, fruits don’t cost anything even if you are making the chicken also this is costing nothing as compared to junk food that you order from outside.

Healthy foods are an excellent option if you want your health to be perfect and you will save some money for family and future. It’s going to keep you healthy and wealthy both ways you are in a win-win situation so why not go for something that’s beneficial in both ways if you think and strategize things and organize the budget according to healthy eating you will inevitably end with some savings yet you will feel fit and energetic, and it will cost nothing to it so opt what’s best for you rather than go broke with junking.


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  1. Wonderful post ! This is something which is always a statement passed by quite a lot in terms of differentiation and evaluation when it comes to eating healthy these days.
    This one clears all the confusing air and busts the myth around it.

    Thank you .

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