Key considerations for your start-up business

Setting up a new business is a very exciting process. It happens in different ways for different companies. Some will get funding from venture capitalists, others will morph their university degree into something that can earn them a living once they have graduated, while others will spin off something from an existing business into something completely new and separate.

But regardless of how the business comes into being, there is a certain point where it goes from being an idea to being something real and tangible. It is as you approach this stage that a whole lot of work must be done to, in essence, make it real. This means things like registering the business, establishing a digital presence and, quite possibly, even renting office space and hiring staff.

It all requires effort and focus and there are a lot of things that will need to be added to the checklist. To help you navigate the process, here are a few things that you should probably be considering.

Where does it all go?

When you start a business, you need to make sure that all your information and intellectual property are stored safely. You cannot simply save it to your desktop and think that it will be okay there. You need a safe and secure server, something central and something that is backed-up.

A place where you and anyone else to whom you wish to grant permission, can access and save work. A virtual private server is probably the best solution. Unlike in the old days when you would need to buy a dedicated server and server rack for the office, this is now something that can be taken care of online.

A simple search for something like ‘VPS Australia’ will point you in the right direction. You will almost certainly be surprised by the price (it won’t cost much at all), and the scalability of the solution will also impress.

Create your electronic address

Having an address and being findable online is almost more important than being locatable in the real world. So, once you are ready to go you will need to decide on a name and in turn, register a domain Australia for the company. This is a critical process. Your company obviously needs a name but that name also needs to be translatable into an online location.

It is much harder in the modern era to find a name that works as if you want to own the digital domain you are competing with companies from around the world for the rights to register as a, not just with other companies in the area, which would have been the case when you were looking to place your business name in the Yellow Pages back in the day.

Business Cards

They might be old school and they are often overlooked in eth era of digital and cell phones, but there is a lot to be said for the old-fashioned business card. They are super easy to give out and despite the fact, the world has progressed significantly in the last 20 years, there is still an expectation in many areas for a business card to be proffered in meetings. Just get some printed – you are going to need them, it’s a guarantee. 


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