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According to surveys, 50% of consumers make ecommerce marketing platform purchases only during sales. Buyers need the bargain to invest in a product. Ecommerce sales growth as a part of ecommerce marketing strategies is a great opportunity to increase revenue. Successful companies know that ecommerce growth via sales promotion is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and customer satisfaction. For planning the promotion of sales, you need to think strategically. Below, you will find 5 secrets to help you improve your efficiency.

1. Choose specific motivations.

Promotion of sales can be of various forms. Choose the one that matches the needs of your target audience. Start with customer analysis, determine which actions were most effective. For instance, flash sales are rated by most companies (56%) as the most effective. A time limit forces the client to act immediately. Or are you thinking about free offers? These can be gifts to order, free service or the most popular, free delivery. Determine what will work most effectively for your customers by examining the data.

2. Offer related products

A sale is not necessarily a reduction in the price of the main product. You can offer related products at a discount. This is another opportunity to offer visible value to customers. They like the convenience and they like to save time by buying everything in one place. Offer customers products that complement each other, give them the opportunity to buy everything they need right away. Marketers use this approach to increase sales but for its implementation, it is necessary to understand the motivation of buyers. For example, if you sell mobile phones, you can simultaneously promote accessories to them. According to the research, the offer of related products works much more efficiently when using it on the ordering page, not on the product description page. Sale of related products increases revenue. Amazon owes 35% of its revenue to this type of sales.

3. Use micro targeting

Segmentation of the audience helps the marketer create suitable offers for each group of buyers. It gives a signal to consumers that you know what they need. The success of a promotion depends on finding a balance between the segmentation of the audience, the right time and the offer of a suitable price. For effective segmentation, examine your data, pay special attention to location, shopping habits, income level, and previous purchases. For example, United Auto Group created advertising for buyers within a radius of 25 miles from the dealership who love animals. Accuracy is crucial for micro targeting. Therefore, it is necessary to establish open relationships between different departments in order to collect all the necessary data about customers.

4. Increase engagement

Draw attention to your offer with the help of social networks and email newsletters. Pay special attention to SMM or contact the authorities to tell the whole world about your offer. Custom content is another way to attract the attention of buyers to the brand and convince those who still doubt the purchase. A photo of satisfied customers is an excellent signal of social approval. Inspire users to share their stories.

5. Strengthen loyalty

Regular customers spend 67% more than new ones on average. Therefore, it is very important to retain customers and build their confidence. Tell them about your brand’s values ​​and culture, invite them to sign up for a newsletter or take part in a loyalty program. Using sales, lead customers to build loyalty. Although according to studies, buyers are more often interested in discounts than in a brand, however, it can still be effective. To retain customers, personalize your offers. Pay attention to certain categories of products that allow you to highlight competitors. Offer discounts only to loyal customers to encourage their loyalty to the brand. Think about how else you can attract the attention of the audience. For example, ‘Bare Essentials’ company offers three free products on every order for members of the Beauty Insiders Club.

Planning sales promotion takes a lot of time, you have to make a lot of decisions. To increase your income and customer satisfaction, offer them personalized promotions, complementary products and participation in loyalty programs. Bring your campaign to a new level.


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