Want to Ship Your Car? Here are 5 Things to Look For!

Shipping your car is a difficult activity.

For starters, you’re usually shipping across large distances. That is, you’re shipping across hundreds of miles.

Also, shipping a car is expensive. And there are many factors to consider if you want to save money.

Today, we’ll help you with that. We’ll give you a list of things to look for in a car shipper.

Check them out, and sign up for your service!

#1 – Look for Multiple Shipment Methods.

There are many ways to ship your car.

You can do so through a railway. Your car will get loaded into a trailer, and you’ll pay a fee to pick your car up at a specific station.

Or, you can ship by boat. Here, you’ll pick our car up at a specific port!

Also, you need a service that provides long range shipping. You need a shipper that can go overseas, instead of cross state only!

#2 – Multiple Types of Vehicles.

Not all vehicle shippers are private consumers. Many tend to be businesses moving around large vehicles!

For example, you might have a service that’s moving around limousines. Or, you might have a transport service shipping pickup trucks!

You need to find a service that deals with multiple types of vehicles. And if possible, check to see if they handle multiple cars per shipment!

#3 – Free Quotes.

A good service gives quotes. They give you an idea on the price tags to expect, letting you plan ahead.

You need a quote generator that gives you price tags by ZIP code. That is, you should specify the cities you’ll ship back and forth from!

Also, you need to get details for “shipping options” – and those include enclosed vs. open shipping.

And finally, a good quote system takes in the specifics of your automobile. So you should be able to punch in your car’s model and condition too!

Quoting Guide.

Even better, a good service will show you how they price their car shipping.

They give you a full-length guide on what certain cars and options cost. And this lets you budget tightly, even for small cars!

Also – Quote Variations.

Car shipment prices differ from one season to another.

Certain times of the year see multiple shipments, and other times are quite slow.

So the price you get depends on the dates you select. And you should be aware of how certain months are priced differently from others!

#4 – The Availability of Agents.

For a car to be shipped, it has to ace certain eligibility requirements.

Plus, there’s the paperwork, the process of delivering your car, and arranging the pickups to take care of.

For that reason, you need a service that provides agents. Those agents are your guides, assisting you from start to finish!

An agent will walk you through, organizing a schedule on all that needs accomplishing. So they’ll take the stress off your shoulders!

#5 – Insurance Services.

Unforeseen circumstances happen.

There might be an accident. Your car might be damaged in some form, or it might be stolen on a rare occasion.

You need insurance to protect your investment. And a good shipment service can help you find the insurance package you need!

They’ll recommend you packages that work on a federal and international level too!

Time to Find Your Services.

You need a car shipping service. And we’ll cut your search journey short with a recommendation…

You should try Mercury Auto Transport. This service fits the previous criteria, giving you all you need to ship your cars.

Visit their site now, and get started!


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