Visiting Thailand Soon? Here are 4 Preparations You Need to Make!

Thailand is a common travel destination. It has amazing sights to see, and it’s perfect for marine activities!

Plus, it’s quite cheap. So if you want to relocate there, you can do so on a budget.

However, relocating is rarely easy. So is planning a travel of any kind, even if it’s a vacation.

This means you need to prepare. And today, we’ll help you with that.

We’ll mention 4 factors to account for when planning a Thailand visit. Check them all out, and plan your travel!

#1 – Transport Budget.

You’re most likely flying over to Thailand. If so, how much are you paying for airplane tickets?

Can you find a cheap flight that takes you all the way to Thailand? If so, capitalize on that opportunity and save money!

Other Transport Fees.

You’ll need money for public transport, whether that be taxis or buses you’ll take.

If you take that a step further, you’ll need to budget for a car. And this is especially vital if you’re staying for the long-run.

After all, a car is the best way to get around Thailand. It saves you much crowdedness, especially in big cities!

Plus, it’s safe for foreign travelers. So you’re less likely to be annoyed when you’re safe in a car you own (or rent)!

Any Recommendations?

Yes. We think you should get a used car. And for a good place, check out ตลาดรถมือสอง.

This is one of Thailand’s best online used car markets. You’ll get a variety of models, suitable for solo travelers and families!

#2 – Accommodation Budget.

Where is your stay going to be?

Is it going to be in a hotel? Will that be the place of your long-term accommodation?

Or, do you plan on staying somewhere better (like an apartment)?

Where you stay depends on the length of your visit. If you’re on a vacation, a hotel should serve you well.

But if you’re in Thailand for a long-term stay – you’d be advised to seek an apartment or house.

Rental Fees.

For a long-term stay, you’re not just paying rent. You’re also paying brokers, insurances, and obviously bills.

Be sure to take those into account before moving away. Set aside money as a buffer and pick your accommodation wisely!

#3 – Money for Activities.

Do you have a budget set in-place for the different activities you plan on trying?

How many activities do you have planned in-mind? Does your budget and daily income suffice for trying them all?

If not, you need to plan. After all, you’re booking most of your activities before setting off!

What to Do.

Start by writing down a list of all the activities you’ll try.

From there, research different services. Call up each one, pick what’s best (by reviews and budget), and make bookings.

Fit those bookings into a schedule. Set each activity for a separate day.

Don’t cram everything together. Take the time to soak in each experience, and enjoy the results!

#4 – How Many People Are Coming Along?

That’s an important question. And the answer defines your choices for the previous points!

It defines the type of used car you’ll need and the travelling method you use.

Also, it defines how large the accommodation should be, plus the activities you’ll do!

The more people coming along, the more you need to plan. So be sure to think thoroughly before setting a schedule!

Final Tip.

Try to make your stay long.

Vacations are already stressful to plan. And you don’t want to plan too much just for a day or two of enjoyment.

So take the time to plan what you’ll do, and enjoy a good vacation!


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