Things To Look For In A Sharpening Stone

For centuries, man has used stones to sharpen the edges of tools and even now in the digital age, that has not changed except that these stones now come in smaller sizes. We now use them to sharpen knives instead of spears. Of course, there are various ways to sharpen knives, but many people prefer the good old sharpening stones to be in their sharpening supplies.

Sharpening stones can be made in two ways; either cutting from natural sources or from industrial chemistry. The most common type of natural stone used for making sharpening stones is crystalline silica, which is a tough and durable type of stones. It has tough, abrasive features which makes it the perfect candidate for sharpening steel and you should look out for it when shopping for sharpening supplies.

These days we now have human-made sharpening stones in high demand, and this is because it is possible to create stones with consistent particle sizes. The size of the particles in a sharpening stone determines its level of abrasiveness, also known as grit. And being able to select the level that you prefer is why many people opt for human-made sharpening stones and include it in their sharpening supplies.

When sharpening your knife with a sharpening stone, you start with the surface that has a high level of abrasiveness and then end the sharpening process with a surface with lower abrasiveness.


When shopping for sharpening supplies, the most common coarse sharpening stone is the one with 220 grit. It can shave off a large amount of blade material within a short time; so, it is more suitable for setting a new bevel angle on a knife blade or to grind away a chip.

A stone with medium grit is usually around 1000 grit. If your knife is dull, this sharpening stone grit is a suitable place to start from. The level of abrasiveness gets rid of enough material to make your knife sharper again. It is not aggressive as the coarse grit so you do have to worry about shaving off more material off your knife than you should.

A stone with 6000 grit or more is usually used in the finishing stages. It has a very fine grit, and it is used for honing and polishing the cutting edge of your knife.

So, when shopping for sharpening supplies and you wish to get sharpening stones to keep the blades of your knife sharp, have it in mind that you will need at least three. A stone with coarse stone to repair the blade, a stone with medium grit for sharpening and one with fine grit for polishing. We offer sharpening stones made from premium materials and handcrafted by the best in the business.


Of course, a knife sharpening machine makes sharpening your knife a lot easier, but many people want a deeper connection with their knives and how they maintain them. Sharpening stones require more skills, and it takes longer, but there is a satisfaction that comes with using what is better over what is easier.

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