4 Tips For Grandparents Sending Gifts To Grandchildren

Though your grandchildren are flesh of your flesh, and blood of your blood, it can be difficult to find a gift that they will appreciate and enjoy. There was a time when any gift from a grandparent would suffice, but today’s youth are living in a cultural and social climate unlike any before. Still, giving your grandchildren gifts should be fun for you, and it should be enriching for them.

Kids grow, mature, and change tastes at alarming rates. It is not always enough to gift them with the latest and most popular trinkets. Gifts from grandparents should have added levels of meaning, that is for sure. These gifts do not always appease wants. In general, kids love receiving gifts from grandparents because they represent a type of love and acknowledgment that is not given on a daily basis.

There are a few ways that grandparents can make the gift-giving process simpler. These tips have little to do with economics, but they have a great deal to do with lasting meaning and sentiment.

Positive Experiences Last the Longest

Give a gift that powerfully equates a fun experience with you as a loving grandparent. This can be a trip to a local zoo for a special kid’s event, or it can be as lavish as concert tickets to see a favorite band. If a grandchild experiences something unique and completely different than their daily grind, they will always pair it with positive memories of the person who made it happen. For boys, try securing hard-to-get sports tickets. For girls, buy tickets to see a favorite pop star. Not all gifts have to be this extravagant, but they will mean more if “going and doing” is part of it.

Time Spent is Better than Stuff Given

“Parent” is an important part of the word “grandparent.” If you take part in a grandchild’s life on a practical level, it can mean much more than a simple gift. Many young people do not have the opportunity to spend quality time with their grandparents because of distance. If you can become active in your grandchildren’s lives, do so. The relationship that grows is more important than any physical gift. Volunteer to be their ride to and from school. Take your grandchildren to the mall on the weekends. Teach a grandchild piano. The time given is an unequaled gift.

Send Gifts According to Age and Maturity

If you want to send special gifts for holidays, make sure they match your grandchildren’s age and maturity level. You’ve heard about the latest gaming device, but it might not be appropriate for a toddler, or someone getting ready to go to college. Try cute clothing for the toddler, and give a fast-food restaurant voucher to the graduate. This is especially important if you are looking for top toys for Christmas for your grandchild. Keep in mind that grandchildren will remember the gift-giver more if you tailor the gift to their period in life.

Ask Advice from Those Who Know Them Best

If, as a grandparent, you are completely confused about what to give a favorite grandchild, ask their parents. Parents are the best sources for information about what truly matters to kids. In one conversation you can learn everything you need to know about likes and dislikes, wants, needs, and personal wish lists. This inside route into giving is powerful when convincing your grandchildren that you are all-knowing and wonderful.

Above all, never break your budget when buying gifts for your grandchildren. A “From Grandma and Grandpa” sticker is all that is needed to tell a child that the gift they are receiving is the best in the world. If you desire to make a lasting impression, dig a little deeper into your grandchild’s life. Go beyond special day obligations by showing that you love them enough to gift them with things that they will cherish.


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