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The music they say is food to the soul, and knowing this, so many people have been given the gift of making music with their mouths, hands, and bodies. Music generally is a non-physical meal that people eat every day. This is because when a person’s favorite music is turned on, he or she becomes aligned with the tunes and melody from that music. There are singers all over the world who have reached the highest parts in the industry and are still making sound waves. Although they go there through their talents, most of them would not have amounted to anything, had it not been for the music schools they attended. A gift can remain dormant in a person until he or she puts it into practice, and that is what a music school is there to do. 

The 343 Labs Foundation

This music school was founded on love and appreciation for all kinds of music, and the teachers have fought endlessly to give their students the best. The teachers from the 343 Labs music school were formerly associated with a music school known as Dubspot. This school took in children who had a rare music talents and coached them to become confident with their voices. Unfortunately, the Dubspot was closed down, and some of the teachers decided to open a new music school called 343 Labs, which is situated on the 3rd floor, Canal Street, Manhattan. With their love for music and the effort they put into coach students to attain their highest potential, this school is listed amongst the best music production school in New York City.

The instructors of this school, Max Wild and Nacho Isa, were the ones who decided to open a new music school after their old one was closed suddenly. The team of teachers also included the likes of Abe Duque, John Selway, Candida Borges, Adam Partridge, and Brent Arnold. The music school strives to provide different classes of music for students all over the world. Some of them include; Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Music Theory, Mixing and Mastering, Song Writing, and so on. They also engage in forms of DJing and help people to build on live performance. Some singers can conveniently sing amazing melodies as long as they are seated in their bedrooms. However, going out to perform for the world will give you an edge over other artists in your field. This is why 343 Labs teaches students to build themselves on-stage performance.

343 Labs is a Shoulder to Cry on

The students were particularly the ones affected more when Dubspot was shut down. The instructors of 343 know this, so they decided to offer deals to these amazing students to be part of the new initiative. This is to help these students’ dreams of becoming music stars stay alive. The agreement offered to these students involves free classes of any kind, as long as the students can provide the payment details for Dubspot.

If you want to find out more about this fantastic school where your kids can become potential stars, read the article for more insight. 

Also, this video will show you everything you need to know about 343 Labs music school so fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy –


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