5 Cheap Anniversary Gifts for Your Meme Loving Spouse

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Yet another anniversary is fast approaching, and you’re left wondering–again–what to get for your beloved spouse. The idea that you instantly know what kind of gifts to give your soul mate is just a cliche; some people are really hard to shop for. That’s especially true if you’re on a budget.

But if your spouse is obsessed with memes, you have something to work with. Here are a few cheap anniversary gift ideas that celebrate the meme fanatic.

1. Meme Mug

Does your spouse love coffee? If so, memes and coffee are a match that he or she can appreciate.

Quiz your beloved on their current favorite meme. (They might have inundated you with their favorite trending memes already; just look through your messages.)

then, hunt around for a mug with that same meme printed on it. Small shops or custom designers on E-commerce sites like Etsy have a large variety of meme mugs.

If you’re looking for something more meaningful, speak your love through a meme of your own. Find a cute love meme and customize a mug with it. this way, when your beloved has his morning cup of coffee, he’ll think of you.

2. A Meme-Captioned Photo

Did you know you can customize a picture with text and then either send it or print it out?

that’s right! You can make your very own meme. Make your own little text on photo project, perhaps using your favorite wedding picture.

You can either write your own short poem or find a favorite quote. This refreshes the picture and makes it more meaningful to you both. This is probably the most honest and endearing anniversary gift you can come up with.

3. A “Doge” Patch

Does your spouse love dogs?

If so, he or she probably inundated your inbox with “doge” memes. If you don’t know about the “doge” trend, here’s the skinny on it: It’s a meme of a dog that’s been customized over the years with internal monologue captions and cute poses. The original “doge” was a Shiba Inu posted by a Japanese kindergarten teacher almost a decade ago.

Now, the “doge” meme can be purchased as a clothing patch, making it a loveable gift. Simply get a “doge” patch, and sew it onto your spouse’s favorite jacket or hoodie.

If you want to shell out a bit more money, you can probably buy a “doge” jacket itself. However, putting more time into your gift makes it more valuable, and it also makes for one of the best inexpensive anniversary gifts.

4. Emoji Pillow

If your spouse speaks in emojis, forget the custom text sayings. Go for an emoji pillow instead.

these pillows are meant to be decorative rather than practical, but they’re special nonetheless.

If you want to be silly, buy a poop emoji pillow. However, if you want to go the sentimental route, opt for a smiley pillow or a heart emoji pillow. For a slightly sexy gift, get a kissing-lips emoji pillow.

5. Best of the Cheap Anniversary Gifts: A Jar of Memes

This last inexpensive anniversary gift idea will cost you next-to-nothing yet it’ll mean a lot.

Find a bunch of meaningful and inspirational memes your spouse will love. Then, print them out, and cut them into little paper strips. (Think of the kind of paper fortunes found in fortune cookies.)

Finally, put all of the memes into a memorable mason jar, which you can also decorate. Your spouse can keep the jar in a keepsake box or on their desk at work. They can look through the memes in good times and bad.

Love the Above?

Have you found an idea that tops your personal list of cheap anniversary gifts? If so, come back for more tips and tricks to use next time. We’re all about covering your favorite topics and trends.

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