Catholic Cases App helps solve moral dilemmas argues creator Ryan Bilodeau

Answers to some of life’s most pressing moral questions are demanded of us at the very moments when we are not well-equipped to answer them. Catholic Cases founder Ryan Bilodeau experienced this firsthand when his Mother was dying, and he was unable to answer all of the doctor’s nuanced questions regarding end-of-life care.

It was only when Google searches of Church documents left marketer Ryan Bilodeau with more questions than answers that it occurred to him: even well-versed Catholics like himself could benefit from the ability to find the answers to complicated moral questions on the fly.

This is where the idea for Catholic Cases was born. The app places the Magisterium at one’s fingertips by categorizing and allowing users to sort through specific moral cases as explained by means of quotes from official church documents without having to scroll through long and complicated church documents yourself.

The app features trusted Catholic content; the app cites only official church teaching. The app also appeals to a variety of age groups and their respective moral concerns. The app is also 100% free for all users. They do not sell your information or collect it.

If you’re a Catholic looking to learn more about the Church’s moral teachings, then check out the Catholic Cases app available in the Google Play store or iPhone App store.


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