Skull obsession – these are the bracelets of the moment!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was not only an amazing movie but a real trendsetter. First of all, let’s just think how many kids want to be Jack Sparrow on Halloween. Secondly, the skull motif has become a real trend in fashion and home decoration. Backpacks, T-shirts, rings, bracelets, shoes – they are everywhere. At first, many people rejected the idea of wearing skull pendants or skeleton rings but step by step skull jewelry has become a reference in the fashion industry. In present, we can talk about a real skull obsession. Any woman or man who follows the latest trends in fashion should already know that skull jewelry is a must in 2019.

For several seasons in a row, the most famous jewelry designers have been introducing different elements resembling skulls, bones, crosses, and skeletons in their collections. If this sounds thrilling for you, find out that you can find an entire collection at The well-known brand created silver skull bracelets for men and women, statement rings and necklaces made of natural gemstones and precious metals. They are proof that this motif is not only characteristic for bikers and rockers, but for anyone who has a great personal style.

The symbolism behind skulls

This is such a controversial subject. Skull ornaments have mystical meaning, but the wearer is the one who put his mark ok the real significance. It’s true they have a commanding vibe and carry a spirit of revolution and rebellion against the system but let’s not forget that the real trend nowadays is to wear clothes and jewelry that have something to say. It’s not only about fabrics and gemstones, but about expressing yourself and showing who you are. Wearing a silver skull bracelet for men doesn’t make you a bad person. It highlights you know what you want.

Fashion at its best

Who said you can’t wear silver skull bracelets if you are a businessman or a delicate woman? It is believed that these accessories are extremely masculine and have nothing to do with women’s jewelry. However, can you say that a lady should wear only butterfly and flower charms? Most of the people forget that the jewelry industry supplies pieces with a unisex vibe. Today, skulls are not just a manifest of fearlessness and strength; they are rather a tribute to fashion and an indicator of a person who rocks trendy stuff.

Skull ornaments are versatile

When we think about them, we automatically have in mind a man who wears ripped black jeans and leather jackets. Well, they look extremely good in this kind of outfit, but try to be more creative. Just think about how good it would look a fluffy pullover with your hands full of silver skull bracelets for men and rings. The contrast is the real deal these days. You can wear them at the office, on the beach, when you go out with your friends or while watching TV just because you want to look good in your pajamas. Jewelry is about feeling good, so let them inspire you and you will inspire in your turn.


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