Travel Backpacks How to choose the Best?

Who does not like to travel? Meet new places, new cultures, different foods, in short, disconnect. To enjoy all your trips in a big way one of the most important things is the organization and comfort. That is why we would like to let you know what we consider the best travel backpacks that you can find in the market.

It is so important to know how to choose the backpack that a bad choice can ruin your desired vacation. A backpack that does not distribute the weight well, that gives you back pain or that your zippers are hooked can be a considerable hindrance. And the worst is yet to come, a backpack that is not waterproof can annoy you all the content of it in case of rain or wet accident, imagine the documents, food or equipment that you can lose for this reason and for not having chosen A good backpack. In short, not carrying a good travel backpack can be an important problem but easy to solve.

What are the best travel backpacks in the market? Which backpack is the best for a long trip? Do I need a very large backpack? What size should I buy my next travel backpack?

If these doubts assault your head before leaving to travel, it is best to sit down and assess the options of backpacks that you can find in the market, know their measurements, know the number of pockets and compartments they have, materials, impermeability, etc. The logical thing is that as good backpackers you are you want to succeed in your purchase and you can enjoy the best backpack according to your needs.

The TUMI Alpha Bravo collection of the company of backpacks and suitcases TUMI is one of the most shameless and casual of the company, it is not surprising that this model appears and looks with camouflage details with blue and gray tones.   It will surprise you!

Alpha Bravo backpack the best suits you

This collection is characterized by honor registration functionality; with versatile, handy and practical backpacks. On the other hand, its aesthetic is modern, full of details, synonymous with an off-road backpack, valid for an office day or a few hours in the purest sport style. His aesthetic falls in love; make it the ideal companion for your craziest trips or more informal meetings.

Despite the freshness of its design, this backpack does not lose even one of the details of the quality and elegance characteristic of the brand.  You have at your disposal compartments and pockets everywhere so that everything is perfectly tidy and with quick and efficient access.


Your backpack becomes a safe element while resistant (many times it is not achieved) due to the materials used to manufacture this Tumi backpack; in this sense, the Nylon acts as a protagonist offering durability, quality, and an unquestionable printed design. Go back to the cover to see more Tumi suitcases.

The zippers, and just by seeing them, show a precision of first, all well combined with quality details that make it an icon of the company.


Inside the backpack you can find two main compartments; one of them special for laptop (maximum 15 ”) and with two open pockets ideal for the tablet / iPad, documents or your new phone.

As is evident, you can also enjoy a central compartment with a remarkable capacity and the plus of having a flap with several open pockets that offer greater versatility.


As you have seen and as Tumi have us, the backpack presents quality details on the outside such as the spire with the brand logo, top handle and finishes with leather details and zip fasteners of guaranteed quality

On the front of the backpack, you will find category functionality; that is, you can access 3 straight zip pockets of different sizes. It also has an open and easily accessible rear compartment.


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