Why You Should Switch to Press-Fit Connector Pins

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The need for advanced electronic materials is continuously growing, which means that PCB is also in high demand. To make sure that the connections to the circuit board are secure, people no longer have to solder wire connections onto PCBs. The new and efficient method is called press-fit, where the connectors are pressed through the PCB holes at high pressure.

What is a Press Connector Pin?

A Press-fit connector pin is a modern advancement that allows companies to provide customers with an internally powerful connection.

Advantage of Press Connector Pins

  • Compliant pins have a contact system that is more sustainable than soldered PCBs, which will maximize the use of tools that require a working circuit board.
  • Press-fit connector pins have versatility because it can be applied to over a hundred components. It also offers a simple solution for those who want a lead-free tool. It also costs less than the average price of soldered PCBs.
  • Compliant pins have the perfect design to fit through the PCB holes. B
  • Because of its press-fit quality, users are able to enjoy optimum retention strength with the use of plastic and elastic deformation.
  • The press-fit connector pin is a reliable technology that vows to eliminate mistakes in soldered PCBs.
  • There is a minimum risk with press-fit technology since the material limit does not allow elongation.
  • Because of the press-fit compliant pins’ uses, people will have a more efficient process in building tools.


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