David Edward Carpenter reveals the fastest path to success in network marketing

Nothing succeeds like success, or so the saying goes. In today’s world, where life changes in a matter of moments, defining who you are and how to succeed in your calling can be a complicated task. There are some who spend their entire lives without finding out who they are, and then there are those who manage to find their calling in no time.

David Edward Carpenter is one such individual who managed to defy all odds and achieve his dream life, and also guided others to do the same. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, David has managed to carve out a stellar career for himself in the financial services industry, remarkably at just the age of 24.

David completed his schooling from Shadow Mountain High School, where he was the basketball team captain. After attending the Piedmont Virginia Community College for a year, he dropped out to pursue a career in network marketing. He soon joined a reputed firm,where his impeccable service record earned him the company BMW. In 2014, David guided a team of 200 to over a million dollars in sales.

David also had to see his company fail, but was never dissuaded from pursuing his goals. He worked as a server at Papadeux for two years, during which time he prepared himself to enter the financial services industry.

David started his career in Life Insurance in 2017, he was promoted to the rank of Upper-Level Manager in just four months, and became the Regional Manager in another four. David helped the company’s growth by being a major part of its core team, helping it become ‘Agency of The Year’ in 2017. He also led its Phoenix office to becoming the ’Office of The Year’ In 2017.

David was one of the top 10 recruiters in his first year of business and was promoted as the top recruiter and distributor in Arizona. His performance earned him a place among the Board of Directors of the company in his very first year, which is one of the fastest advancements in the history of the organization.

In 2018, David was responsible for opening the first company office in Tempe, Arizona in the month of April. Under his guidance, the Tempe office became the ‘Office of The Year’ in 2018, with David promoting forty managers.

2018 also saw him opening the El Paso office and promoting another fifty managers. His intense dedication to his work helped the firm grow its official revenues from $600,000 to $2.6 million in just one year, an impressive growth of 236%.

David’s performance earned him a compensation of $500,000 dollars in his second year, outperforming company veterans with more than a decade’s worth of experience. He also won all the incentive trips offered by the company, and was the top manager in terms of growth percentage.

David attributes his success to his passion for helping people. “I wanted to help people. I believed in the product of protecting families and this company had so much growth potential. I have great mentors who showed me the way to success, and now I want to build a sales force that can take over the industry.” David says.

David’s family comprises of his parents Lenore and Edward Carpenter, and his sister Lily Carpenter, also working in the company with him. David’s brother Shawn passed away in 2016.

David’s career reveals how experience and young age cannot be impediments to a burning desire for success.


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