Custom Glass Designs You Should Look At for Best Aesthetic Appeal

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When it comes to the question using the material in home interior decoration for creating aesthetic appeals then glass tops the list. For decades and decades, glass is in trend and never fell in its popularity. The role of glass is such major and visible that it genuinely adds the required amount of style and sophistication in your home. Decent and sleek designs creating artistic and stunning looks are to be created with the help of glass.

Interior designing is not about creating stylish and splendid looks but it is more focused on individual taste and needs. Glass is such versatile material that it allows almost every type of facility that one can demand from construction material. From interior designing to exterior doors and building shapes glass go hand in hand with homemakers. Interiorly glass has been used for custom glass doors, windows, partitions, roofs, countertops, walls, and sliders. Exterior use of glass is in making doors, sliding glass doors and sensor glass doors for a commercial building.

Glass practically acts as an enchanted material, which has so many different properties, and it can be transformed very easily to produce different types of glass. There are a variety of types of glass available which can be used in interior design, which are as follows:

Textured glass or patterned glass

As the name depicts all, patterned glass designs have patterns over it. Sleek decorative designed embossed over it. It can be colorful geometric patterns and all shaped in craved into the glass surface. Patterned glass increase privacy but on the other hand, it does not block the reflective light passing through it. As office door, conference room, modern classrooms and restaurant partitions you can use patterned glass doors.

Spandrel glass

Spandrel glass is used to mask the surfaces such as structural items like shear walls, wall columns, and beams. This type of glass comes in plenty of designs and colors and they are also versatile according to their size and shape. And these glass sheets can be cut according to the location where to use them. They, when used, provide unique compliments to the interiors and create a uniform appearance. Neat and sleek looks on aesthetically less pleasing surfaces can be provided by this type of glass another benefit of spandrel glass is it is many time tough and hard than other glass types. It can be molded and crafted according to the purpose of its use. At wall joints and junctions pieces of glass that fit best are this type of glass sheets. In kitchen interiors and fixing the counters edges glass type what is used is spandrel.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is another type of patterned glass but it is more unified and equally planed surfaces. This type of glass is often used as doors and partition making. Frosted glass is made by applying acidic reaction on their surface or sanding them with material and chemicals. Thus, a sleek and unifies patter on the surface of the glass is achieved. Like other types of glass sheets frosted glass is also available in as many colors as you want. For making private partitions and custom spaces frosted glass is top on customers’ choice.

Tinted glass

Tint glass is made by applying metallic oxides and float glass sheets. On the other hand typical glass used is made of bronze, gray, dark brown and other primary colors. Metal oxides are mixed with float glass and different color schemes are induced into them. In this way we get tint glass. This type of glass gives aesthetic solar light transmissions though it prevents heat transmission on both of the sides.

Reflective glass

This type of glass has metallic coatings over its surface which reflects the heat waves. When making eco-friendly constructions then the reflective glass is been used to reduce the energy consumption and efficiency. Preventing energy loss from both sides of the building this glass type gives appealing looks too. Metallic finishes give these sheets more strength and toughness. One of the other uses of this glass is it reduces the intensive glare produced by other glass types when used in the interior.

Security glass

Some laminated and toughened glass walls around the villas and lush hotels are made up of security glass. It is not easy to break these glass sheets. In the great events of calamity and disasters, these walls stand out.  These glass sheets are being used in security building s and jewelry shops, in big malls aquarium, are made of these sheets usually. For restaurants’ and busy functional counters, these glass sheets are used to build the structure.

Clear glass

As the name depicts clear glass is crystal clear glass sheets. Giving 90 percent clear reflection ad more visible views these glass sheets and are being used on the top floors of the buildings. Other than that these sheets are not tough as much as other glass types. But still, they are used due to their clarity and view-enhancing properties. This glass type is used in making door handlers, chandelier stands, and glass tops sometimes.


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