How to Build Standing Desk at Home

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Those craftsmen searching for the ideas of home automation who like making something new each time they have a little free time came to the right place. Standing desk technology is exactly what many would willingly install in their houses. This technology allows adjusting the height of the table allowing people of different heights and other parameters to work conveniently next to the same piece of furniture. From the engineering point of view, standing desk technology is one of the most multi-functional pieces of furniture suitable both for the house and office automation.

However, making purchases via the internet or ordering the specially designed standing desk suitable for your space thanks to premeasurements will cost you a fortune. So how is it possible to save some money but at the same time find the standing desk that would perfectly suit the surrounding space be it either office or home space? The answer is simple – create your own standing desk. To realize how simple such a project can be one should think of the major principle of standing desk work. The performance of this technology directly depends on the special type of table lifts that are more familiar for engineers as the electric linear actuators. And when it comes to the question where to find the most reliable and convenient linear actuators, who can be better distributor than Progressive Automations?

This American company’s specialty is making the linear motion easy and comfortable under any circumstances. Except for the fact that Progressive Automations supplies the standing desks that can be preconstructed inside their online constructor the company also supplies the detail and parts required for the DIY standing desk projects. These are table lift sets, lifting column sets, remotes & accessories that are often hard to find. For those craftsmen wanting to create their own standing desks, these parts can be extremely convenient to use. Such DIY projects allow making all the important measurements and take into account the premise’s dimensions. Extremely important to count the dimensions of the table frame that actually often regarded as the construction basis. Only after such a suitable basis was found and it was double-checked that suits the dimensions of the room the tabletop also can be considered for choose.

Thanks to the wide selection of table frames each customer will likely find exactly what is required. Progressive Automations has anything: classic table lift set, T-like 90-degree table lift set suitable for corner areas, and even 120-degree table lift set that will be suitable for the premises with the unusual unfolded angle of the walls. In addition to table sets, Progressive Automations online store offers lifting columns of various sizes that can also be of extreme convenience to craftsmen wizarding with home automation.

Columns and column sets, already have the built-in linear actuators also manufactured by Progressive Automations and consequently supplied along with special 60-months warranty. Just simply look into the manual will be enough even for the unskillful craftsman to evaluate benefits of using Progressive Automations technologies as technical specifications are always marked correctly and the products su[lie really posess the parameters claimed by the manufacturer.

As the final touch to the DIY project, some craftsmen would probably want to attach some table lift remote system that would allow manipulating by the elevation process by a simple button press. Hand remotes models offered on the Progressive Automations website vary according to the number of memory positions that allow this little electronic device to memorize certain heights and later by simple button press to adjust the tabletop according to the position requested by a button pressed.

Home automation can be simple, all you need is a little bit of patience. Use ideas effectively and think progressive with linear motion automations leader Progressive Automations.


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