How Does Vaping Impact Your Health?

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Ever since the idea of vaping was conceptualized, there have been consistent research findings that appear to tout it as a cheaper and healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Indeed, most of these findings are true. Unlike cigarette smoking, there is no combustion taking place in vaping.

Instead, the device contains a coil that heats the e-juice in a specialized tank. This liquid vaporizes, and is what is inhaled. You can inhale it either directly into the lungs or through the mouth and into the lungs.

How Is Vaping Safer Than Cigarette Smoking? 

According to research, there are over 4,000 chemicals present in a cigarette smoke. Most of these are believed to be very toxic, with a larger proportion of them contributing to the growth of cancerous cells in one way or another. As a matter of fact, cigarettes are known to destroy nearly all organs in the body.

Most notable, since combustion is involved, there is a high amount of carbon monoxide produced. This gas, when inhaled, combines with oxygen to form carboxyhemoglobin, a compound that is known to impair the ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen to vital organs.

Chemical compounds like Acetone and Acrolein are known to be irritating to the eyes. Acetaldehyde, 1-aminonaphthalene, 2-aminonaphthalene, Benzene, Particulate matter, Lead, Quinoline and a host of other chemicals found in cigarette smoke are believed to be carcinogenic.

Interestingly, there are no studies suggesting that nicotine is carcinogenic. However, it is highly addictive. It is actually nicotine that prevents smokers from giving up the puff, thereby indirectly continuing to expose them to the harmful effects of those other chemicals.

Evidently, vaping comes out as the healthier of the two practices because no combustion is involved. However, that does not mean that vaping is 100 percent safe. As a matter of fact, major research studies on the risks of vaping only began a few years ago. This means there is still a lot of ground to be covered in terms of determining the safety of this practice. Nonetheless, anecdotal evidences have proven it is way less risky than cigarettes.

What Are Some Of The Health Effects Of Vaping We Already Know?

According to this report by the National Academies-Press there is a direct relationship between the nicotine found in e-cigarettes and an increased heart rate. There has also been a connection between the e-juice aerosols and the circulatory system. It is believed that these aerosols contain significant levels of oxidizing agents, aldehydes, nicotine and particulates, most of which are known to impair the functionality of the circulatory system. You could suffer from all manner of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke and angina. According to this study, vaping actually aggravates these conditions, which means someone already suffering from some form of heart disease might develop a degenerate form of the condition.

Vaping also affects the lungs in nearly the same way it affects the heart. According to this research study, there is a degree of toxicity that comes with regular vaping. These toxic agents could lead to lung inflammation, lung infection or a generally depressed performance of your pulmonary system.

More like cigarette smoking, vaping has also been associated with the development of teeth cavities. This study concluded that vaping leads to the accumulation of bacteria between the vaper’s teeth. Without proper oral hygiene, these bacteria could lead to a wide spectrum of oral and periodontal diseases. As a matter of fact, gum, mouth and throat irritation are not uncommon among seasoned vapers. These are serious warning signs to how much your teeth and oral health may be affected in the long run.

Last but not least, it is important to remember that e-cigarettes still contain the highly-addictive nicotine. Though it does not directly cause cancer, it makes it hard for the vaper to give up the habit. Plus, nicotine is known to increase adrenaline, making the vaper more prone to heart attacks

How To Vape Safe

Now, unlike cigarette smoking, there is actually an easier way to vape more safely.

The first thing you need to do is choose your vaping device carefully. Generally, a vaping device consists of the device itself, an atomizer, a coil and a wick, the battery, tank, vape mods and vape pens. When buying a vaping device, do your due diligence to ensure the kit is supplied by a reputed brand. The easier it is to use the device, the less harmful it is likely to be. In order to paint a clearer picture, imagine a coil that is less-efficient at heating the e-liquid. What this means is that instead of vaporizing the e-liquid, it may actually create particles that end up being ingested, thus increasing your susceptibility to a lung infection. On vape device performance, Vaporesso Luxe kits have been lauded for their ease of use, elegant design and high performance.

Another thing to take care of is the e-liquid you choose. At the very least, go for an e-juice that is nicotine-free. This will mean less addiction, and will come in handy when you need to quit the habit. Apart from nicotine, shun other potentially harmful chemicals such as e-liquid flavorings and base liquids.

In many instances, you may not be so knowledgeable about what ingredients are toxic and which ones are not. To get you started, avoid any of the following ingredients in so far as possible;

1. Vanillin.

2. Citral.

3. Acetoin.

4. Acrolein.

5. Crotonaldehyde.

6. Pulegon.

7. Cinnamaldehyde.


9. O-vanillin.

10. Pentanedione (2,3-pentanedione).

If in doubt, always ask for a list of ingredients in an e-juice before purchasing it. You can then run a check on each of these individual ingredients to uncover which ones could be toxic.

Last but not least, ensure your vaping device is cleaned as regularly as you can. Remember that the constant heating that takes place could end up burning certain surfaces of the device. If not cleaned, you could risk inhaling particles along with your e-juice. Aside from that, cleaning your device regularly is especially recommended before changing your e-juice, as it helps keep the flavors instant.


Vaping is definitely safer than cigarette smoking. However, that does not mean it is free from harmful effects. In the area of vaping, there are always ongoing scientific researches, and the much we know mainly comes from anecdotal evidences.

Therefore, the general consensus is to choose your vaping device and e-liquid carefully, as well as clean your device regularly. Above all, vape in moderation. A good place to start is to choose the highly-efficient Vaporesso Luxe kits.


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