Why Is Shopify’s Website Builder Good For Your SEO?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is very important for improving your ranking on search engine platforms such as Google. There’s a plethora of websites out there, offering similar products or services. When someone conducts a search on search engine platforms like Google, there’s an order in which all the websites appear. This search engine ranking can make or break your game, because if you’re not using SEO effectively, to improve your ranking, you may end up being ranked low. This could imply that your website is ranked on the later of the pages, which people usually don’t even bother scrolling through.

You need to use SEO smartly to establish your position as a website that’s best trusted and authentic. SEO plays a very important role in improving your ranking across the search engine platforms. Let’s now look at the different reasons why you need to focus on your SEO for better rankings.

Importance Of SEO

  • Search engine optimization is very important and integral to work on, if you want to improve your ranking on search engine platforms. If you want to derive profits through your website, you need to start capitalizing on SEO. Whether you want to generate traffic to your website or get conversions and sales on your content, it’s important to work on your SEO and improve your ranking. In fact, many businesses have claimed to have gathered profits through search engine platforms like Google. Close to 90 percent of purchases involve the use of search engines. If you’re not being discovered on search engine platforms, how would you get customers to purchase your products? Which is why you need to work on improving visibility for your products on search engine platforms such as Google.
  • SEO is one of the most cost-effective methods to generate website traffic. If you’re leveraging your SEO the right way, you wouldn’t have to rely on paid traffic. Nor will you have to invest in costly banner ads. SEO can help you cut down on unnecessary costs. In fact, SEO plays an important role in generating quality traffic to your website. Many major websites are prioritizing on their SEO efforts for optimizing their website and enhancing their rankings on search engine platforms.
  • Another good thing about relying on SEO is that it’s not only about getting short-term results. In fact, SEO allows for long-lasting results, which are measurable, cost-effective and also are well-targeted. Unlike advertising, where you have to pay to generate a constant flow of traffic to your website, SEO offers longer-term results for your efforts.

Shopify Website Builder

Shopify offers a website builder which helps you set up a website for your eCommerce store. You can accept orders for your store and also pull out important analytics about your store. In fact, the reports that the website builder generates can help you improve the experience for your business. Further, you can uncover customer shopping habits using detailed customer profiles and customer accounts. You can also create customer groups based on different criteria such as location, cart abandonment, etc.

The Shopify Website Builder is everything you need to build your website easily

Apart from the Shopify Website Builder, you can leverage the different SEO apps that Shopify offers for enhancing your SEO efforts –

  1. Plug In SEO

This Shopify SEO app helps you figure what’s worth your time and money, and what isn’t. This app helps you understand which parts of your website, including your meta descriptions, headings, page titles, article structure, and other components require you to work on them.

2. Simple SEO

With this SEO app, you can exercise a good level of control over the appearance of your stores when it comes to search engine results. This app is meant for those who wish to get better ranking for their targeted keywords.

3. SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor helps you identify any SEO issues that may be there in your website. In fact, it provides what’s called a ‘full diagnosis report on the health of your SEO’. After a thorough scan of your website’s SEO, it automatically fixes all the problems.

4. Smart SEO

Smart SEO is for automatically generating meta tags for improving and optimizing on-page SEO. If you have not worked on improving and optimizing your meta descriptions, page titles, etc. for your website content including blogs, products, collections and articles, this app will do the work for you.

5. Ultra SEO

Ultra SEO helps you target the right keywords and push up your ranking on search engine platforms. It helps you optimize on how your store appears in the search engine results. It further helps imrpove the experience for your brand by providing quick recommendations and analyses.

6. Reload SEO

Reload SEO is an app that exists within Shopify, meant for helping you conduct a thorough research on the best keywords. This app works well for all those Shopify store owners for whom the content isn’t ranking well. With the help of this app, you can find keywords that will help your content rank better.

7. SEO Image Optimizer

You can use this app to help improve traffic for your website from your Google image search. This app helps you optimize images for better ranking.


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