Travelling Soon? Don’t Forget to Pack a Good Internet Connection!

The internet is a utility. You can’t live without it, no matter where you go.

You see, it’s not just a source of entertainment. The internet is a line that connects you with the rest of the world.

It’s where you get your news. It’s where you post updates. And it is how you talk to loved ones (most of the time).

So when travelling, you need a good internet connection – especially if you’re hopping around a lot!

Example – Travelling Professionals.

Many people don’t have a stable residence (as a result of their career choices).

Consultants are a great example. Many of them travel a lot, moving from one company contract to another.

Here, you’ll never have a stable internet connection. And you’ll often rely on “public Wi-Fi” to gain access.

The Problem With Public Internet.

First, you’re sharing bandwidth with many people.

So your internet is significantly slower. And it takes you time to finish your responsibilities – whether it be reading or research.

Second – you’re binding yourself to the internet contracts of public Wi-Fi.

Let’s say you’re at a hotel. You’re forced to use the internet connection they offer, whether it be satellite or DSL.

But maybe your internet use is “tab” and “query” intensive. And here, you’ll need a faster option, like unlimited wireless internet.

Travelling Problem #2 – Internet Safety.

Public connections are more dangerous than private ones.

You never know if there’s a hacker on a connection. Or, you never know if someone is monitoring your device on a network.

Why put yourself at those risks? Why join a public network where your device and files might be compromised?

It’s not safe – whether you be a professional, or a casual internet user!

Another Issue – “On the Road” Internet.

The previous examples assumed you were hopping residences – from one hotel (or apartment) to another…

But what about long hours on the road – or far away from city limits?

Example: Transport.

Maybe you’re a commercial vehicle driver.

You’re driving hundreds of miles across a state/country. And you need good internet, both for tracking – and emergency communication.

Not to mention, you need the occasional entertainment on your break!

Or, maybe you’re on a vacation, and you’re driving around a lot.

You need a good way to access the internet without relying on “public Wi-Fi” at frequent stops.

Another Example: Camping.

We know – camping trips are supposed to be a break from modernity.

You might feel the desire to discard the internet all-together. But that’s not a wise choice to make…

You need to keep track of the world around you. And you surely need it for emergencies.

Plus, other important data (such as time, weather conditions, etc.) are given to you online. And you need those on a camping trip.

They’re vital pieces of information that’ll help you structure your day – whether you be in city, or travelling to a remote location!

OK – So What Should I Do?

We recommend seeking internet that you can travel with.

Usually, that’ll be an internet plan that comes with a wireless mode. And often times, you can get a 4G connection through a mobile chip!

It’s an option that gives you a lot of versatility. You now won’t need “multiple cables” and bulk devices to go online.


Blazing hog internet is a good service to try.

You can get 4G internet at high speeds. The ping rate is fast, and the data transmission is top-notch.

And you can get a plan that’s all yours. You won’t have to worry about sharing bandwidth with the public, or other travelers!


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