What is THC Vape Juice?

You’ve probably seen at your local vape shop that they sell THC vape juice. In the countries where marijuana use is legal, you can buy e-liquid for your vape that contains THC, the substance derived from marijuana that makes you feel high.

If you’re looking into getting some THC vape juice to use at your vape, here’s what you need to know beforehand.

Can I use a THC vape juice with my regular vape?

In fact, you can, but if you want to get serious about vaping your THC oil, then you shouldn’t. There are several brands out there that specialize in vaping THC oils, and those offer machines produced specially for use with THC oil rather than your regular nicotine e-liquid.

What’s the best vape store near me? You can buy those at your local vape shop() – both the THC oil and the machines for it. In countries where the use of THC is legal, you can buy your THC vape juice with no worries and use it as you wish. If you live in states like Colorado, California, Washington, or Oregon, you’ll have no trouble getting THC vape juice from your local dispensary as well. If, however, you live in a country where the use of THC is regulated and you want it to alleviate pain, you can always look into getting a license to purchase some CBD oil. CBD is a concentrate made out of marijuana that removes all the components that could give you a high and keeps only the chemicals with anesthetic properties.

What are some brands that sell THC vape juice?

Pax, per example, is one of the pioneers in selling concentrates made out of THC for vaping. You can get their Pax Era Pods Bloom Farms, which work with the Pax Era vaporizer, a vape machine made out especially for vaping THC oil. Using that pod system will allow you to get more taste and a stronger high than if you were to smoke it: smoking it only releases up to 20% of its THC content, whereas with the Pax Era Pods from Bloom Farms, you can get different oils from different strains offering from 50% to 80% of THC content.

Select Elite THC Vape Juice gets you up to 75% to 95% THC content for their e-liquid, which is quite high. It is way more cost-effective than smoking it, and its technology combines cotton wicks and ceramic coils to preserve the flavor and THC content while vaping it. You can get in a puff of this vape juice more THC than you would get from smoking the herb itself, so the high is much better and its therapeutic effects can be felt much easier. If, however, you feel like 95% THC might be too much for you, Select Oil also has other juices with lower values of THC. You can find this product in dispensaries all around Oregon and California.

You can also buy a G Pen Gio Device and use it with the G Pen Gio Pods Caliva. This combination of both the pods and a specialized vape machine will be highly powerful and not for beginners. It comes with three different strain types for different functions and different times of the day: some stimulate creativity, some mellow you down.

Is THC vape juice the best choice for me?

If you are used to smoking marijuana and feel like you are wasting too much money not to get the high you’ve been looking for, THC vape juice will offer you a high like you’ve never tried before. In the 70s, people were smoking marijuana strands that had around 5-10% of THC, whereas nowadays most dispensaries boast strains that claim to have up to 30% THC in their content. If you have tried those, bear in mind that vaping THC oil will not be the same. Although you have a higher initial investment on the machine and the pods, over time it will pay off with some THC vape juice brands offering up to 95% in THC content. That’s really a lot.

If you’re used to vaping e-liquids with nicotine, THC vape juice does not work the same way. It’s not meant for long vaping sessions and a pod can last you for ages. So you won’t spend as much money as you think you would.

If, however, you’re looking into THC vape juice to deal with some kind of pain and you’re not used to marijuana, you might try some of the vape juice with lower amounts of THC first. After all, you don’t want to be using marijuana to fall asleep on your couch after lunch – if you’re looking for pain relief and don’t need the high that comes with THC oils, then you probably should consider trying CBD oil instead. You can also get machines specialized in CBD oil, and they will offer you all the medical advantages of cannabis without the high that comes with it if you prefer to stay sober.

THC vape juice is sort of a new product in the market, so you should always be on the lookout for the ingredients in your THC oil of choice – a lot of THC vape juices are produced in countries where the regulations are not as safe, so you might be better served buying one of the THC vape juices we recommended above. Remember, when it comes to THC vape juice, cheaper almost never means better. You should consider it an investment if you’re serious about your marijuana use since vaping will offer you a better high. Vaping THC oil instead of smoking marijuana will also prevent your clothes from getting the smell of weed and/or tobacco, and your house will smell a lot better even if you vape inside. Whatever the reason why you smoke weed, consider changing into THC vape juice – consult your local vape shop if you need any help. You lungs will also thank you. Vaping instead of smoking is proved to be not only more effective but less harmful for your lungs and heart, preventing cancer and coronary disease in long-time smokers.


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