Apex Legends Season 2: New Legend, Weapon And Battle Pass Changes

It has been quite some time now since Apex Legends was first released. So it’s about time that the sensational Battle Royale shooter finally got a Season 2. A few tweaks here and there, new weapons, improvements to certain features, and a new legend–this already good game just keeps getting better. So save up on your Apex Legend Currency for the new stuff!

New Legend: Wattson

Of course, we’ll kick things off with the most exciting part: the new Legend. Her name is Natalie Paquette, but she’s known in the games as Wattson. Aside from the fact that she’s a Legend, people also recognize her because she happens to be the daughter of the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer.

She very much takes after her father, except that she puts what she learned from him into combat instead of being content with the production of behind-the-scenes infrastructures for the competition.

However, she’s not exactly the type to be found in the frontlines. Rather, her role is more of a defender and crowd control expert. Her Tactical Ability, Perimeter Security, allows her to put up rods that get linked to one another, generating an electrical fence. Any opponents walking through them get damaged and slowed down, making them easier to take down.

Her Ultimate Ability is the aptly named Interceptor Pylon, which shoots down any incoming hostile within a certain radius, as well as repair damaged shields. Also, Perimeter Security’s cooldown recharge becomes faster when you stand near the Interceptor Pylon.

Last but not least, her Passive Ability, Spark of Genius, allows Wattson’s ultimate ability to be fully charged with a single Ultimate Accelerant, an item that only recharges 20% of the ultimate ability meter for other legends. With her abilities being directly interconnected and geared towards defense, it comes as no surprise that she’s being hailed as the first true defensive legend and already an invaluable addition to the game–not to mention a big boost to your Apex Account Calculator value.

The Shooting L-STAR

Other than a new legend, there will also be a new weapon coming to Apex Legends: the L-STAR, a machine gun that shoots plasma-based projectiles. It goes without saying that it has a high rate-of-fire and that it deals a considerable amount of damage. Plus, it’s got a much bigger projectile size, making its shots more difficult to dodge. The downside to this is that it doesn’t have that much range. The plus side, however, is that your aim doesn’t have to be perfect and that you have a ton of stopping power.

Aside from poor range, the L-STAR comes with another drawback: it will overheat if you fire it relentlessly. When it does, you’ll have to replace its lens, and that can eat up quite some time. To get around this, you’ll have to use it only on short bursts to give the weapon ample time to cool down.

Also, L-STAR can only be obtained via airdrop and only has a limited ammo supply, so use it really, really wisely!

A Better Battle Pass

Now onto the other updates. First would be the Battle Pass improvements, as it now offers more content such as Legendary skins. Right from the get-go, you will receive the following snazzy legendary skins:

  • Gilded Gibraltar
  • Valor Bangalore
  • Dreadnought Pathfinder
  • Spitfire Intimidator

Other than skins, the Battle Pass will also include music packs, emotes, and loading screens. The Battle Pass now also boosts the amount of Crafting Materials earned, allowing players who have one to earn skins much more easily.

Finally, the challenges are still there with the same rules. Take them on to get Battle Pass XP and get rewarded for leveling up.

Season 1 was just a warm-up.It now looks like Season 2 is turning out to have pretty solid additions to Apex Legends. So, what are you waiting for? Get back in the ring and experience Season 2 for yourself!


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