6 Tips to Tackle Your Apartment’s Spring Cleaning

Apartments can get messy very fast, especially smaller apartments with multiple occupants. With this in mind, here are six ways to clean your apartment this spring by Boston Cleaning Company.

Make a List

Making a list of the items you want to throw out is a great first step. This way the goal is attainable, traceable and organized. With the list in hand, you will be able to monitor your progress and make sure that you do not forget any steps.

Closet Clear Out

Bringing everything out of the closet is a great way to reorganize your items. Clothing or other items that you have not worn in over a year should be an easy first place to start. This is also a good time to reorganize, while putting items back in. Having all of your items allows you to see the full picture and make sure that you get rid of duplicates or unneeded articles of clothing.

Breaking It Up

Breaking up the cleaning into smaller tasks throughout a week will help mentally, and also give you time to rethink. Breaking the cleaning up into more manageable units can help with cleaning as well as other aspects in life.

Setting a Timeline

Making a timeline of when you are going to start and finish along with your list will help to ensure your cleaning gets done. Cleaning that takes too long may be pushed off or forgotten. This timeline will help and motivate you to be finished by a certain date.

Taking Pictures

Items such as clothing or bills and receipts that you may want to keep but do not really need are great items to photograph. Taking a picture of an item allows you to keep the memento or information, while also allowing you more space and less clutter. Pictures are more secured than loose documents and allow you for easier searching for information.

Asking for Help

Sometimes you need a helping hand. Not everything can be done by one person. Asking a friend for advice may be the push that you need to throw away that pair of pants or old shirt. They provide an unbiased opinion and can also be helpful when moving heavier objects. Having a friend to clean can also reduce the amount of time and they make sure that all chores are finalized. That friend may also be a good person to give items to, not only to reduce clutter but as a form of payment for helping you.

These six tips can help with your spring cleaning. Making your cleaning organized and written out can help to make the process quick and easy. With a time, table set up, you can make sure that you are not spring cleaning in summer or winter and also have room for more fun and interesting items. Reviewing your older items that are not worn much can help you to pare down your wardrobe and increase your need for fewer quality clothes as opposed to a higher amount of low-quality clothes.

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