Obstacles to overcome when living with your partner for the first time

Moving in with your partner for the first time is certainly a big deal. It’s all been leading up to this. You’ll no longer be living alone or living with your parents. It’s the next milestone in your relationship. This next step is an amazing journey and there’s no doubt you’ll love the quality time you’ll get to spend with your partner. But of course, like with any relationship, there will be obstacles you and your partner will need to overcome. But don’t worry, preparation is key.

Let’s talk about bills

As well as living with your partner for the first time, this could be your first time paying bills. Finances can be tricky to discuss with your partner. Perhaps you earn more than they do or vice versa. It’s best to agree on how the bills will be divided beforehand. Ideally, splitting the cost down the middle is the best option to avoid any disputes. Sit down with your partner before you make the big move and discuss how you’re going to go about it.

Dreaded household chores

Nobody enjoys chores like doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, but it’s only fair to agree how you’ll divide them up. Maybe you’ll be in charge of dishes and your partner deals with washing clothes. It might sound minuscule, but chores can cause big arguments between partners who are living together for the first time. When one partner perceives the division to be unequal, arguments can arise. Similarly to bills, agree on your household chores and responsibilities beforehand.

Eating habits

Eating habits is something you might not have even considered before moving in. However, dietary choices, cooking times and even something simple like the way they eat can all become petty arguments when living together. Talk about meals you’re going to cook together and plan out your weekly shops to ensure things run smoothly.

Personal space

It’s great that you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship and move in together. You’ll get to spend much more quality time with your significant other, which is great, but it’s also a good idea to be clear on any ‘me-time’ you require. If you’ve lived on your own for a long time, you’ll be used to spending lots of time alone. The shock of living with someone 24/7 might cause unnecessary stress – but this is easily resolved by setting personal space boundaries. Take some time out to watch your favourite TV shows alone or read a book in another room, away from your partner. This personal time can make your relationship grow stronger over time.

What to do when disputes arise

Unfortunately, when cohabitating with your partner, disputes will arise. Most of the time they’ll amount to nothing and you’ll both be over it within five minutes or so. However, living with your partner can be a testing time and more serious disputes can occasionally surface. If you are having serious cohabitation disputes with your partner, perhaps over finances, it’s best to seek the advice of cohabitation solicitors to help you resolve your dispute legally and professionally.


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