Gold Mozae brings back the party vibes with Big Room Banger

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Entertainment is one profession that can bring you fame and reputation, unlike any other. But it’s also an arena where you must re-invent yourself more often than not and where you have to be prepared to take risks on most occasions. Being a DJ and musician looks highly appealing from the outside, but is it always that simple? With the right tunes and mixing, a DJ can go places and create a huge fan following so let’s take cues from our guest who is known to get people on the dance floor.

The changing trends

When it comes to music, we’ve seen different eras, right from blues to rock ‘n’ roll and hip hop to EDM. Today, what appeals to a large number of people, especially youngsters, involves a large amount of fast music or beats that you can groove to. “Back then, partying was an occasion for a select few. Today, everyone wants to party, whether it’s a nightclub or at a friend’s. While on hand, we’re becoming less social thanks to our gadgets, on the other, we are becoming more outdoorsy, where we want to flaunt our new clothes and do anything to be ‘in the circuit,’ or at a party that has the latest music, food, and drinks,” observes Gold Mozae, veteran DJ who has worked on thousands of tracks till date.

Gold Mozae’s observation seems to be accurate as we go through some profiles of our friends on Facebook and Instagram. With a decent camera and Wi-Fi, every youngster starts putting up a ‘personal portfolio’ of sorts where he/she becomes a mini-celebrity with the likes and comments that follow. In such a day and age, even the demand for music has increased. The emergence of apps like YouTube, Spotify, and others have only enhanced demand for content and especially music videos. Music consumption has no barriers and continues to rise. This new wave of change has opened up a world of opportunities for DJs like Gold. He shares, “Music knows no religion. It is all-encompassing. My new track ‘Big Room Banger’ was composed in the US, but someone thousands of miles away in Asia is grooving to its beats.”

That’s just one feather in his hat. Gold was in a punk rock band from 7th grade until freshman year of college. He then started DJing at house parties, which led to producing and DJing at night clubs and festivals. He has come a long way since and has played at some of the biggest night clubs and festivals across San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami. His claim to fame is his track record of working closely with artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Warren G, Diplo, EC Twins, Chain Smokers, Alesso, Chuckie, and Showtek.

Around 15 years ago, when Gold started his career, the internet and technology were still nascent. Today, one can become an international DJ, simply by uploading his video on YouTube, from any corner of the world. In the seamless world that we live in, we’re hoping to see many young people fuel their passion and give us some hair-raising bytes we can all unwind to, at the end of a long, hard day. Until then, let’s groove to Big Room Banger.


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