How Dating Can Make You Feel Confused

When the first date is scheduled, you may feel confused about relationships. You may wonder things such as: “Will this person be the one for me? Will my prom dress still fits me? Should I bring flowers? Maybe he’s expecting that I have the look of a movie actress.”

If you are into arab dating and singles dating, you should never view dating as a stressful means of finding the one. Instead, you have to make it fun, enjoy yourself, have lots of laughter, and never feel confused about dating. Here are some examples of why others feel confused.

Why the First Date is Full of Confusion

The Name Thing

There was this guy who posted on Reddit and said he went into Starbucks with his new girlfriend because he doesn’t know her name. It seems like she’s just going to be a one-night stand. After all, guys won’t bother to know your name if they are not interested in committing a long-term relationship with you.

On Commitment

One user in a forum posted that her boyfriend took her to a 5-star restaurant. The waiter whispered that she’s the 3rd girl for that week. You might not know what’s running on the girl’s mind at that time but it’s not definitely happiness. After all, if a person she met on an interracial dating site gives her a vibe that she’s not the only one, this can make a wrong impression on her.

The Awkward Mention of Profile Photo

First dates are where you will find if the person actually resembles their profile photos. You might find it confusing if your date starts to mention that he or she did not expect you to look this “young” or “old” while you are eating lasagna. You will also never know if that someone you are dating is just interested in how you look or he’s interested to get to know the real you.

Bringing Worst Gifts

Things can get awkward real fast if your date suggests that you should use underarm deodorant whenever you will see him or her. They can make it subtle by bringing deodorant with extra strong perfume as a gift on your next night out. You might not get it whether they want to change you, if they are just concerned, or if they are totally grossed out with you.

Whether He is a Cheapskate

Bills are now a big issue since your date may require splitting the bill. It doesn’t matter if you just ordered spinach for $25 and your date orders a $300 roast chicken. You may be wondering whether the person you are with needs to support 5 children or whether he is just taking advantage of your generosity.

Other Scenarios that are Awkward and Confusing

There are some who disappear on their dates. They might pretend to wash their hands or go to the washroom. However, they never go back as they might have simply escaped through the windows of the washroom. These people may deserve some slapping or if you are the kind of person that doesn’t care, you will just have to let it go. Meanwhile, when you get home, expect that they have already blocked you on social media or on the dating site. Take these moments in stride.

Whether the person you are with sneezed an onion out of his nose or choked on his 5th wine, don’t forget to have fun. When it comes to dating, it doesn’t mean that the person that you are with is the one. You need to test the waters and see if they are a great partner later on. Don’t talk about marriage, children, moving together, or even love at the first date as these will make things more awkward.

Take everything slowly especially if you feel mixed emotions such as you are saying to yourself that these dating games stress me out. Allow breathing space for you and the person that you are with. There might be feelings of being stuck, exhausted, and getting uncomfortable with your date. If this is the case, try to politely say goodbye. Try not to move too fast in the relationship or you might regret it later on. The getting to know stage is one of the most exciting so cherish it and savor the moment.


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