The Best Ways To Prepare For The TEAS

Career experts have indicated that there is likely to be a shortage of nurses in the next few decades. This has led to many students becoming interested in a profession where they feel they will easily get a job. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a test which applicants to United States nursing schools are required to take. This test has four different sections in Science, English, Math, and Language Usage to check the proficiency of the student in the various subjects required in a nursing career. Depending on how competent the student is in different subjects and their skill sets, they have a few different options to prepare for the exam:

Study Guides

For many decades, study guides have been the most popular way to prepare for TEAS and other exams. These study guides are now available for free at many websites, or they may be purchased online. A study manual is available from Assessment Technologies Institute (the creator of the TEAS) with key terms, practice tests, problems, questions, and answer keys. The only problem with this method is you have to rely strictly on memorization and do not have anybody to ask for help if you hit a wall in your studies. This is why this method is usually not meant to be used on its own.

Practice Tests

It is highly recommended that students take at least a few prep tests before the TEAS to check their proficiency in the various subjects and see what areas need improvement. Practice tests can be found online or through a TEAS tutor and are usually used in conjunction with study guides. The best thing about study guides is they help you familiarize yourself with the timing of the exam so you’re better prepared when you take the actual test.

TEAS Tutor

Hiring a TEAS tutor is widely regarded as the most personalized way to prepare for TEAS. These tutors can help online and they also can personally coach individual students for the TEAS. The agencies will match the student with the tutor specializing in specific skills if required. The tutor will usually ask the student to take a test to evaluate their current skills and knowledge, then the tutor will plan a study program for that student.

Review Course

There are quite a few TEAS review courses offered online or in person, so make sure you examine your options carefully and pick the right one for you. Many TEAS tutoring services also offer group review courses if you want to try using a combination of both strategies. However, this option is really only best for people who are fine studying in a group environment and have a longer amount of study time available. Otherwise, a personalized TEAS tutor or a tutor and review course may be the better choice.


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